Apple to a G5?


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Oct 28, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA
Hey guys, I know its a little early to say this, but it seems to me as if Apple will be moving their Pro Line to a G5. They have 2 machines that are cheaper, and better for the money than the Pro Line, and it seems to me as if consumers (even Pros) are not interested in that line of computers.


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Jan 2, 2001
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either a much faster processor or a new processor would have to be the next step up for Apple...

think about it right now....aside from the iBook....all of their machines host a G4 processor...and I'm sure there are lots of pissed off people who feel they aren't getting the "professional line" system they are paying for when the same processor (well almost) is available in 3 different systems...

but then there's the talk of no G5 for a while...but again it's all just "rumors" I don't know what to believe or think at this point...

I just want a new TiBook...he he he :p


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Aug 21, 2001
with the eMac (very apt name for an osX machine... ;) ) running a g4, and at such a low price, I wouldnt mind betting something is in the not to distant pipeline...

Question really is though - have moto really got their house in order? Apple seems to become increasingly reliant on a supplier that has been a bit slack on coming up with the goods. At least Apple could look to IBM for a short term fix, but they seem to be increasingly frozen out...


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Mar 9, 2002
With Apples recent form of releasing without Expos, and with radical machines such as the new iMac or secret release of a completely new machine like the eMac or the stealthy issue of the Dual Ghz machine, I think it's going to be even harder to predict with any accuracy what Apples next move is going to be.... :p

That said though, the release of an Education specific machine, sporting a G4 could suggest that the G5 maybe is not as far off in the future as some people have been suggesting....

I'm not convinced it will be at MWNY..... but in all honestly..... I don't know anymore..... it just makes life alittle more fun...... compare the site this week to last week.... when people were really in their favourite strait-jackets and rubber wall paper'd rooms going insane with the lack of mac rumors knocking around......

Things can certainly turn around quickly in the world of the mac...... :p


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Jan 9, 2002
Ha ha haaa!
So here's the current status:

Consumer/Education Line:
iBook = G3
iMac = G4
eMac = G4

Pro Line:
PowerBook = G4
PowerMac = G4

Next move is without a doubt the G5 for PowerMacs. Of course the only question is... when. I'd like to think July, but who knows...

now the eMac, a computer that will make it into elementary schools, is almost as powerful as the PowerMac used by professionals (in the eyes of the general public). BIG clue. Marketing-wise, Apple MUST move to the G5.


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Apr 16, 2002
Originally posted by Pants
with the eMac (very apt name for an osX machine... ;))
Plural of eMac? eMacs. Or emacs on an eMac. The possibilities are endless. :)


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Oct 28, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA
Originally posted by mcrain

Not to be a smart*ss or anything, but I'm pretty sure they won't skip to a G6...
You are being a smart *ss. We are saying that Apple won't be giving the PowerMac line any more updates MHz wise, but only a new chip!


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i think we're gonna see the new G5 in july.

we know the g4 chip has room to grow-perfect for the other applications( why put a maxed out chip in the new ti, emac etc...)

and we know the pro-users want a pro-line thats superior to the consumer models both in form (racks, please) and function ( 1.6Ghz, DDR, Rapid io)
i think we'll also have a price differential to support the different lines:eek:
they may even leave the g4 tower line availabe for the pro-sumers...

so far the predictions have been extremely accurate-spymac not withstanding:D

all the pieces are starting to fall into place and its looking mighty good.


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Jan 9, 2002
Ha ha haaa!
Originally posted by mcrain

Not to be a smart*ss or anything, but I'm pretty sure they won't skip to a G6...
Hehe... well true, but think about it:

Apple could come out with PowerBook AND PowerMac G5 at once.


Apple could come out with PowerBook G5 first.

But due to the fact that the PBG4's just got an update, if the G5 scenario is really true then we'll see the PowerMacs first. That's what I was saying...


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Jul 18, 2001
A Sign

Around MWSF there were all kinds of "leeks" about the G5 then after they weren't released abd the Dual 1GHZ. came out everything went quiet. generally a hush means somethings happening and it'll be big.
(like the iLamp release) So I wouldn't be suprised if the G5 comes out sooner then the rumors are speculating. Especially with this all systems G4 movement. Oh no now Im starting to beleive UGH.

Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
One thing you might not be thinking about. Say they update the Mobo first, with a G4, DDRRAM, faster bus etc.

AND how about a quad G4?!?

This would extend the life of the G4 until MWSF '03 and also produce a kick@ss machine.:D


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Apr 29, 2002
what we are seeing here is the extermination of G3 machines. Apple will have the proline of G5s done right for us at MWNY if that late. i would hope we see it next week on the 6th but what would that leave us for macworld?

things are big 2002 is the year of the mac.


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Feb 8, 2002
Originally posted by MacAztec
You are being a smart *ss.
I know that. That's the point of saying "Not to be a smart*ss."

If I wanted to predict the future for apple, the easiest thing to say would be that the next chip will be the G5. That's painfully obvious.

The question we really are asking is not what's next, but when's next.

Yes, I also know that the G5 may not be next if you consider updated mobos, ram, etc... but those things really aren't feasible due to the G4's inability to support DDR ram. Oh, and a quad system? Wouldn't that really really be targeted to a very small pro market, and wouldn't the software that utilizes it be minimal?

As for me, I'd like a better chip (G5) that by itself is hot, and in a duel setup is really really hot.

Gimme gimme gimme.

Macaztec, I've got an odd sense of humor, and your young, so just bear with me. ok?


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Feb 5, 2002
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Why are you all drooling over the G5? Do you want another chip from Motorola that is going to see nothing but slight speed bumps every few months as the G4 currently is? At 1.6GHz it will be obsolete upon its introduction, only to fall even further behind over time.

No, I think Apple has something much better up its sleeve than the G5. Say it with me: IBM POWER.



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Jan 14, 2002
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I was watching a TV news piece about new processors in the works from IBM. They had some seriously powerful stuff running in their labs but it's all still in the R&D phase and introducing it to the market now would make their cost be astronomical. I think the CPUs were running on a molecular level if you can believe that.


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Dec 3, 2001
RE: slight speed bumps every few months

I think the increase of 166MHz everytime they bring out a new line is a little slow but intel are only increasing by 200Mhz and you know how meaningless 200Mhz is to a Pentium 4 concidering it's high clock speed to start with. The Althlon is only increasing in 66Mhz increments, As for the G4, well we know we can expect at least a 1.2Ghz next. Someone overclocked their 1Ghz mac to 1.2 shortly after it was released. If we can jump 400Mhz this time and have the rumoured G4s with the G5 memory system I think we'll have something to look forward to this summer!


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Jul 24, 2001
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hypothetically....What if the G4 is as good as it gets?

What would happen if there is no G5, or the G5 isn't able to be manufactured?
I don't think that's the case, but it's been a damn long time coming. It's gonna be 3 years soon.
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