Apple TV 2-slow last few days, but my internet isnt?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by michial, Nov 16, 2010.

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    Sep 15, 2009
    Last few days my ATV2 cant stream movies or video podcasts in the internet section. It seems to work fine in the home sharing via streaming from my imac itunes library. I checked my internet and it is like 12 down 8 up. Is there some new update that has tweeked it? Is there a way to reset it or something. It is very frustrating. I like to watch a lot of podcasts under the internet setting. But when I select video podcasts it times out with an error. If I try just an audio one it works. So this lead me to conclude its a bandwidth issue, but not with my isp, which cranks. If I use the netflix under the same internet category it works regularly as normal, even HD stuff. So it must be something wrong with the apple itunes server or something. Again, itunes works when Im using the "computers" category and streaming from my own itunes library, but not when I use the intunes podcast option under the "internet" category. Sorry for the redundancy. Any one have any ideas.
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    Well on my part ... ever since I got the new Apple TV (one month ago) I takes me forever to rent a movie from the movie section .... It is really not as advertised ... every one I have rented showed me a 218 minutes remaining before the start of the movie .... I was really frustrated .... as the demos from the Keynote of september showed only a couple of seconds ...

    I think Apple really needs to put that North Carolina Server building in action to speed up things on their end ...

    When people rent a movie ... they usualy want to watch it right now .... not let Apple TV download it for a couple of hours ...
  3. boltg macrumors newbie

    Nov 16, 2010
    Not for me

    As a longtime apple TV user, I have not upgraded and I also discourage others from upgrading to the new streaming only device. I think apples decision to change the products design was motivated mostly by the need to achieve market penetration through a lower price point. The issues with streaming are no surprise, I have had those issues for years even with viewing the movie trailers, thats why I like having the local storage; I download at least 1 hour in advance, then watch. It's not as convenient as streaming, but it sure beats renting and having to return physical media.
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    You can still download it and watch it if you have the new ATV, just download it to your computer and then stream to the ATV.

    For the Op, i have not watched any media from the itunes store yet (except podcast), but i have been watching netflix and Youtube and so far that has been working well.

    I would re-set your modem/router and ATV and see if that helps.

    By the way what internet service do you have, that 8 up is great.
  5. newagemac macrumors 68020

    Mar 31, 2010
    I'm sorry but I don't agree with your argument against the new Apple TV on this at all. It downloads (buffers) any movie you start into internal storage as well. So if you want to start the stream and wait an hour until it completely downloads you can do that with the new one just like with your old one.

    I never do that though because my streams start in a few seconds with no interruptions. If you have at least 5mbps internet service you should be able to start watching almost instantly like it was demoed. Otherwise it needs to buffer to the internal storage just like the old Apple TV.

    I prefer the new Apple TV because of the much faster menus and added features like Airplay, Netflix, and the 720p/30 video playing capabilities the old one doesn't have. The better form factor and reduced noise, heat, and energy costs are nice and no moving parts and less heat means you can probably expect it to last longer as well. Plus if you wait until Apple introduces some type of App store or SDK or just go ahead and jailbreak it, the iOS developer community is much larger, more talented, and more active than small pool of developers left working on a custom version of the old and outdated OS X Tiger software in the original ATV.

    If you already have the older one, it makes sense to hold onto it for now and not upgrade, but if I had a choice I would pick the new one every time.

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