Apple TV 3 or 4 & Airport Extreme & Wifi HDD

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    With my limited english grammars so I decided to draw it I hope everyone will understand what I am talking about. Will this work? Right now I do not have an Apple TV but I have to wait until what Apple TV 4 looks/features like. :apple:

    Thank you

    Sketches - Page 3.png
  2. potatis, Jul 22, 2014
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    I have a Macally WifiHDD connected via Cat5 to Airport Express, works fine but you need a script to trigger it for use with iTunes & AppleTv, and I need to power it via usb cord separately. To the Airport Extreme you can just connect any usb hdd. Not sure if you can connect hubs to it though, assuming you want both hdd and printer hooked up. Another solution is to complement the Extreme with and old Express as secondary router and just have the printer attached to it.

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