Apple TV app taking over system in Catalina.


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Aug 17, 2006
I just updated my 27” 5k retina iMac to Catalina and am very disappointed.

I have a 50” Samsung TV connected via HDMI to my computer where in Mojave I could play a music video I created moving it to my external and work on a project on my iMac.

Now, as I can only play those videos in Apple TV app, my external goes black and my main display is overtaken by the video… chance to do anything else.
What a deal breaker in my love for Apple.

I looked at preferences and found no possibility to control the playback.

I called Apple support this morning and the tech guy for Apple TV app, had no external monitor but found the app took over his system. He said there was nothing to do but send feedback to Apple.

I cloned my system before the upgrade and am going back to Mojave.


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Sep 3, 2006
What do you mean by "overtaken"?
The TV apps start the video in fullscreen, but you if you move the mouse to the top of the screen you can put it back to a window, and move it to another screen, and put it back to fullscreen.

The other display goes black because you have the "monitors have different spaces" (or whatever is actually called in English) disabled in System Preferences -> Mission Control. Enable it, reboot the Mac, and the other display won't go black anymore.
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