Apple TV Dolby 5.1 Movies (How to)

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    Apple TV Dolby 5.1 Movies

    1.Open Ripit. In Preferences, General tab, uncheck box “Use .dvdmedia extension”
    2.Under Compress tab, Video Target, select Apple TV; select “Import Into iTunes”
    3.When you insert a disc and choose Compress, Ripit will download an add-on for Handbrake, making the conversion automatic. First it will scan the disc, then rip it, then compress it, then import it into iTunes. Allow two hours per movie, as it will take a while
    4.To be double sure everything works as planned, open Handbrake beforehand. Under Video, select Format: MP4 file; Video Codec: H.264 video; Framerate: Same as source; Quality: Constant Quality. Under Audio, select Source: AC3 5.1; Audio Codec: AC3 Passthru; Mixdown: AC3 Passthru
    5.On Apple TV, select Settings. On Dolby Digital Out, change from Auto to On for 5.1 surround. You must do this or 5.1 does not come through your optical out cable to your sound system!

    This works great for my 720p Panasonic TV and 5.1 surround sound amplifier. The video geniuses out there may have improvements to this guide, but it is easy and simple and works!

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