Apple TV is on sale at Best Buy for $89.95. Could this mean a new ATV


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Nov 16, 2010
Not ever sale means there's a new product on the way. ATV4 has been rumored forever now but the rumors have really died off lately.
Yes I know, but next month it 3 years since the Apple TV was released. A new one has been rumored for 6 months to be a possible hub for HomeKit and it's losing users to FireTV, Roku and Chromecast.


Jul 18, 2013
It was on sale for $75 at BestBuy for Christmas. I was going to get one then with my $30 in Reward Certificates but I didn't want to brave the stores during the holiday rush. I ended up using the certificates to buy a case for my Note 4 a few weeks ago and am still using my ATV2.


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Feb 21, 2012
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Refurbs are $75 from the Apple Store. I bought one for myself and another for a Christmas gift, couldn't see any difference between them and the new one I bought last summer. They are even packaged the same as a new one, unlike refurb Macs that come in plain cardboard boxes. :)


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Mar 14, 2011
Being in the industry, I can tell you this- Refurbs (directly from the manufacturer , ie: not third party reconditioned) is almost always a way to move more product at a cheaper price.

Often time they take old stock that didn't sell in a certain part of their distribution system, repackage it, sell it for 15-20% less without actually lowering the retail price. Everyones happy.

From what I've seen microsoft has been selling more refurb xbox one's then new ones on their canadian site. The new bundle sells for 499.99 with one game, the refurb one sells for 349.99 with 5 games. They sell to people that wouldn't have paid the full price anyways so they didn't actually lose anything.

Refurb FTW.