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Apple TV+ signing out every time I launch it


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Original poster
Jun 28, 2008
Over the last week or two, every time I open TV+, the screen blanks out and says 'Signing out...'. I am still on my free year but it shows I can sign up for a 7 day trial.

My Apple ID is listed in Settings under Accounts and force closing the TV+ app or restarting the ATV itself do not seem to help.

What I do now is click through the 7 day trial process and it eventually acknowledges I'm a already a subscriber but the next time I launch the app the same thing happens.

It only happens on my ATV HD, not on my ATV 4K nor on my iPhone or Mac. I am sharing with my family but we don't really watch that often - is there a screen number limit that I'm hitting?

Anyone else having this able to fix it?
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