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    #1 reports that Apple UK are offering interest free finance until June 15th - just before WWDC. Maybe we will get a complete new line up with new IBM G4 Extremes (see thread elsewhere) and 970's across the board. Wishful thinking I know, but here's the article:

    Apple offers interest-free deals

    By Macworld staff

    Apple UK is offering interest-free financing for purchasers of new Macs, and is making the deal available through its UK reseller network.

    The company is offering customers the chance to buy a new Mac over five months, with no interest to pay.

    A note on Apple's Web site reads: "Simply pay 25 per cent of the price as a deposit, divide the remaining 75 per cent of the price by five, and that?s what you will pay each month for five months."

    The offer ends June 15. It's available through the following resellers: The Colyer Group, AT Computers, GBM, Computer Warehouse, Holdens, Scotsys/Remco and Square.

    More information and terms and conditions for the deal are available on Apple's Web site.

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