Apple used ICE to seize Louis Rossmann's shipment of original MacBook batteries

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    It’s interesting that he didn’t directly address whether these batteries were actual Apple batteries. That’s the most important thing we need to know about this situation. Instead of making the definitive claim that the batteries weren’t counterfeit, he tried to be slick and dance around the issue.

    I don’t know anything about this person other than what I just saw in that video. I don’t know whether he was wronged here or he was in the wrong here. But he strikes me as fairly intelligent, so I suspect he understands the importance of the singular question: Are these actual Apple batteries or not? His failure to directly answer that question, combined with his dancing around the issue trying to make listeners think they might be, causes me to be skeptical.

    Is he really the victim in this? Or has he been using counterfeit parts and Apple finally did something to stop him (perhaps because he recently made himself bigger on Apple’s radar)? I’m not sure. From the (seemingly) careful way he chose his words, I think he might not know whether these are counterfeit parts.
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    I'm no expert but I've seen numerous times that these guys get their inventory from recycle centers that salvage all working components from non-functioning devices, and he specifically has spoken about it previously as this isn't the first time this has happened. I wouldn't doubt what he ordered was legitimate Apple product. The problem and what makes him and anyone else more victim than not in this situation is that Apple will not sell you their components unless you're first party to Apple. Because of this that means that any component sold outside of this restriction and bears the Apple logo is deemed counterfeit and CBP has a long standing allowance for companies to request exactly what happened to Rossmann. Apple actually gets the say about whether something is counterfeit or not and in situations like this Apple is the responsible party for proving the product is counterfeit which makes it hard for anyone to fight the battle. It's really obvious to note the differences between China and here. What happened here is a general summary of why you can build an iPhone by buying all the individual pieces in China but would be hard pressed to do here. It's an actual iPhone, but getting those parts into the U.S. technically by language of law would make it a counterfeit iPhone because Apple does not sell an iPhone DIY kit.

    Forgive my crude attempt at humor but essentially what's going on here:
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    I'm not suggesting that the batteries have to be counterfeit. I understand that it is possible that they actually are Apple batteries acquired, e.g., in the way you describe.

    I'm saying the lack of an assertion on his part that the batteries actually are Apple batteries (and not counterfeit, though perhaps previously used) is conspicuous in these circumstances. That is the most important thing he could have said or not said, and rather than making that all-important assertion he danced around the matter.

    If the batteries are counterfeit (e.g., sourced from someone in China that's putting Apple logos on batteries that didn't originate from Apple (or with Apple authorization), but which otherwise might be of proper specs and high quality), then he's wrong in criticizing Apple for taking action to stop their importation. His complaint also rings pretty hollow if he can't be sure that the batteries aren't counterfeit.

    Whether Apple is willing to sell the batteries in question or not, it wouldn't be right for someone else to sell counterfeit batteries or knowingly use counterfeit batteries to service Apple products. They could use properly spec'd batteries that didn't purport to be Apple batteries. I'd like to hear him directly answer the simple questions: Do you know whether these batteries are actual Apple batteries or not? And if you do know, are they?
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    While I understand your concerns and do see what you’re saying, I don’t think that was the pertinent issue he was trying to address. His focus was on the long standing problem that even Apple products will be claimed counterfeit and it makes it impossible for third party centers like himself to be able to offer their customers genuine Apple products. I am willing to bet from his reputation that he wasn’t buying counterfeit products. He can prove they were official all day long, Apple still is the one that has to take the action to verify they are real, and they won’t because they hate this loophole. It would be a very expensive battle to fight Apple on this and that’s why for now they’re getting away with it but hopefully this brings some more attention to the issue
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    He's a very talented board repair guy based out of NYC, who just recently posted a video that made it onto CBC with a customer who had been quoted for board, display, and top case (I think) replacement at the genius bar, due to activated liquid damage indicators.
    The customer took it to Rossman and it turned out there was no power to the display due to a bent LCD cable pin, which I believe was fixed on the spot.
    This move comes as extremely retaliatory.
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    Because that's how its always been ? Apple just tightened it up more. Green only means it can be recycled, which most can be. and re-used.

    The right to repair won't actually help staying "green". Just because iFixit sells parts dosn't mean the the same Apple uses. and marked as "green" There would be no evidence, unless someone else knows, but i'm almost sure Apple will agree, only because they want to to service with them.
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    Refereeing to when original Apple parts are offered for a repair, a lot of repair places buy from recycle centers that harvest the components. That honestly seems like the most green thing it can be. Seems like Apple would want to encourage that not deem it counterfeit because of written language

    The parts used are Apple parts out of old Apple products and they get repurposed the same way Apple does themselves. It’s policy though that only Apple can do this and this is the general issue right now about it because Apple doesn’t want anyone repairing devices that they don’t approve of. As I said above, even if you took a brand new MacBook outside the US, opened it and removed the battery, then sold it to someone in the US, this same scenario would replay if customs wanted to. It’s spelled out to them from Apple that if it doesn’t come directly addressed from Apple or it’s authorized vendors, it’s not their product and MUST be counterfeit.

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