Apple VS M$ - Cube VS Athens - Developers Need To make a Bluetooth Land-Based Phone

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by walkingmac, Dec 8, 2003.

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    I have recently looked at articles highlighting (and bashing M$ R&D cop-out) M$'s Athens machine and it's "innovations". As all the articles pointed out, most all of these things have been available on the Mac for years. Yes, M$ is just now getting on the ball and trying to catch-up (as longhorn tries to majestically steal Panther's roar), but does it have to copy so blatantly (ya, i know, it's still M$, they know no better)?

    But looking at this box and all of it's 'features' I saw only one Mac shortcoming. After looking past all the idiotic bells and whistles that I would give my left nut to have removed (no probably not, but you get the idea), I see the phone.

    Up until now (to my knowledge and understanding), there is SOME Mac interface to phones. There is software out there (PhoneDialer, iAddress, etc...) that will dial any number for you, and that is useful. And with bluetooth enabled Cellphones and Macs can talk with each other. But therein lys the gap. A mediocre interface to an analog system that was never designed to really interface with a computer, and your new generation cell phones which is really only good for syncing since how often in the real world will you be using your cell phone and on your computer (your computer, the thing that is more dependent on the real world for power and internet, so wouldn't you need be more inclined to use your land-line?).

    All that to bring me to my main point. We need developed a phone to better interface with the stock components of our macs. A regular land-line phone that uses bluetooth networking to interface with your Mac to let you know who is calling, make calls for you based on your address book or key entry. Or another interface look is a USB-phone. Another feature this needs is to be able to use your computers audio in and out ports. You receive a call, accept it, and talk just like you would on your network based iChat audio conversations.

    So, what do you all think. Am I missing something? Am I out of my gourd? Is there something out there that I am not aware of? If there complications out there that a techy who actually knows what they are talking about and not just speculating (like the rest of us here.... that'd be me) could point out?

    Lets Talk
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    I think you are missing the point completely...

    I am by no means talking about a ALL-IN-ONE system like M$ is proposing. I agree, that is the worst way to go. I am talking about a completely separate unit that is attached and can be used separately from your Mac (as you could connect a camera to your mac. it's functional connected as well as disconnected)

    This would be (and I should have clarified this in the original post) a cordless handheld/headset. It simply has an interface with your Mac beyond the usual number pad. By all means walk around with it! Use that full range you have with any other cordless phone. The cordless phone is 'tethered' to base, and the base is 'tethered' to your Mac by any number of connections.

    Again, just a means to connect for an interface with the base.

    Again, using this as an interface with your stand-alone phone. Sure, it could also have an interface like that of iChat where you could also use the computer's audio in/out to carry the conversation. This is important because in the HIGHLY-UNLIKELY event that your computer is down (probably asleep and there is no need to wake it to answer the phone... also a preference option) you can still use your phone like you would with anything else.

    As do I have a phone right here next to mine. And if you have a work situation where any number of people are using that Mac, here is the joy of an intuitive preference panel and set-up options...

    a) Using your Mac as very simple interface for your phone. You can see who is called like you would with a Caller-ID screen either in the phone or on a separate box that could non-obtrusively drop down from the top of the screen under the menu bar in the form of a drawer. As well as using your Address Book list of contacts to make a call &/or keypad interface for a number not in that list. All this connect either wire/wirelessly depending on your needs.

    b) Same as (a) with iChat like interface where your computer's existing peripherals to interface the conversation.

    c) Same (a) & (b) and adding a sound capture for digital answering machine.

    and on and on.....

    ok.... hopefully my thoughts are a little clearer now. Lets talk some more...

    (COME ON.... I am throwing pearls out to developers here)

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