Apple was at my college today! (UK)

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by CrackedButter, Oct 7, 2003.

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    Jan 15, 2003
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    Wow and what lovely machines they were!

    (just a note, i have never seen an apple machine in person unless it was the iBook i purchased this year or when i saw a 15" Ti from another student)

    This Apple Reseller had brought a few machines in for the students to look at. They brought in a original 12" PB, eMac, 17" 1.25Ghz iMac and a lovely G5 with a 23" Display. The only thing that i didn't like was the 14" iBook...gah, i thought it was a 15PB at first!

    The eMac was playing Star Wars 2 and the G5 was running minority Report with Sound Surround, i thought the eMac was bigger but it is tiny, didn't realise that at all!

    At one point i tought the G5 was turned off it was that quiet. It was the 1.6Ghz version.

    Never have i seen such a collection of wonderful machines, of course i've seen them online and thats it, photos never do them enough justice.

    After talking with the reseller i've also finally decided which PowerBook i want when Panther comes out... it just cannot get over the irresistable 17" screen (on the iMac) and since i live like 400 feet from college its not like i am going to suffer alot when carrying a 17" PB. Besides my old NEC was heavier and it was bearable.

    Seeing iPhoto being run on a 17" screen and having lots of space left is simply lush! I'm gonna love using photoshop and indesign with this thing!

    I cannot get over the size of the 12" and to know they have even more under the hood with the new ones that have come out! I would love one but i don't want to buy an external screen for it. But gee they are so small...

    So a 17" PB it is, and today i just purchased Apples student developers discount as well in order to purchase it!

    The guy i spoke to however did seem to know alot about apple and what he sells, not like some halfwits standing in Dixons.

    He told me his company have even asked Apple to buy them out and turn them into an official Apple Store. He mentioned how the UK is ripe for such a store somewhere in Manchester, but most likely the first store to open in the UK would be in London, but for the first in Europe it would be France.

    We discussed a few other things as well and i felt sorry that i couldn't buy a machine there and then from him but i did mention i had ADC and was waiting for Panther (btw he mentions also it might be out at the end of this month or out at the Expo in November).

    Anyways just thought i would share that with fellow mac heads.

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