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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Mescagnus, Apr 6, 2017.

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    This morning, when I took my Apple Watch (original series) off the charger, I noticed that the display was coming off.

    Naturally I decided not to wear it, and left it home this morning. Now, several hours later, the gap between the body and display has got bigger.

    I can only conclude that something is pushing the display off from inside the watch. The only thing that can do that is the battery swelling inside the watch body.

    Yesterday night, when I took the watch off to charge it overnight, there were no signs of anything being wrong with the watch. It has worked perfectly until now, and strangely enough, the watch still works.

    As the watch is about 2 years old, the warranty has expired. However, I wonder if a defect like this still falls under Apple's responsibility to fix?

    The watch hasn't been subject to any outside damage, so could this be the case of the battery just getting old and becoming defective? The battery has, however, lasted ~1,5 days in my use between charging, and I haven't noticed any shortening in battery life, so it hasn't appeared to be on its last legs.




    A watch in the price range of 42mm SS Apple Watch should last 2 years without defects. Naturally, I'm sending this to Apple Support as well.

    Has anybody come across a similar incident? To my understanding there has been no widespread issues with the Apple Watch battery.
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    Hi there..i have the same issue with my apple watch series 1 screen popping up. after calling apple service centre asking for the talkabout free replacement for this issue. apple confirms its just a rumour and its not true. they will charge me for service and spareparts if my watch is no more under guarantee.

    so dont wanting to spend almost 200$ i decided to open up my watch and do things on my own. after opening my watch i saw and realize the only thing bloated or swollen is just the battery cover/case. not the battery but only the battery softcase. i decided to just pierce it with a needle and voila !! now my watch's screen can seal completely and i am wearing it like normal and cost me nothing.

    i guess this battery soft case bloated or swollen is caused by air pressure or cold weather or may be water pressure. anyways it solves my problem. hope this article will help those with the same issue.


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    My screen just popped today on a s2 42mm. Been well looked after so I'm guessing either bad glue or bad battery. Genius Appt booked for tomorrow. Still in 1yr warranty
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    My husband's Nike s2 42mm just broke all around the edges spontaneously. No drop or contact with force or hard surface He just looked down to check the time and the screen had broken around all 4 edges of the screen with the center intact. Display underneath is 100% functional. I am wondering if it was caused by battery swell? Apple online rep said screen replacement would be $229 which seems like highway robbery! I think we will take it into Apple Store for them to look at it and see if we can't get some type of resolution. He received it as birthday gift last November.
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    In situations like yours, always make an appointment for an Apple Genius to see it in person. When you speak with an Apple employee over the phone, they physically can't see the device and they will quote you directly based off the damage at hand. Your results will likely be much different in store.
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    I had no trouble with calling Apple and telling them the front glass had popped off an original Apple Watch that was out of standard warranty. The phone rep described the extended warranty for battery problems and said it would be repaired at no cost if it had an expanded battery after inspection by Apple. They sent an express box next day, with post paid next day shipment to Apple. It was about 3 days later we received a replacement Series 1 watch.

    It probably depends on the agent you talk to what kind of response you get. The agent I spoke with was very professional and friendly. There was no suggestion of having to take it to a store for inspection.
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    Every Apple Store and every Employee will be a different experience. Some Apple employees are more knowledgeable than others. Apple does a fairly good job with being consistent with their customer service, but it's not entirely possible for everybody to be on the same page when it comes to understanding an issue. My suggestion, is usually to make an appointment in store, so they can physically see the watch and understand the problem at hand. But not everybody has access to an Apple store, which helps when you have a knowledgeable and helpful employee that knows exactly what they're talking about. But again, results vary.

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