Apple Watch 4 WIFI...Always appears "offline" in the Find My Phone App...


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Nov 23, 2015
Rocklin, CA
I just noticed this the other day, but my Apple Watch 4 is always "offline" when I open the Find My Phone app...It's connected to my phone and is working fine, no phone connection issues. As a matter of fact, if I open Find My Phone, and then tap on the watch listing...I can even do the "play sound" and my watch will play the sound...until I dismiss it from the watch. But like I mentioned, it's always "offline" in the app...with no location shown at all...My phone, and iPad are both listed, and showing their locations fine...


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Aug 19, 2017
On your Apple Watch, go to to Settings > General > Location Services

Make sure "Location Serves" and "Share My Location" are both on.
Just curious, is it necessary to have share my location turned on? I don’t have it enabled on my iPad, iPhone or Mac and they still show up on find my iPhone..