Apple Watch Series 4 Died after swimming in a portable pool

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by bananaz19, May 12, 2019.

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    May 12, 2019
    I am an owner of a 3-month old Apple Watch Series 4 Nike Edition. An hour ago, I took a quick dip in a portable pool. So before I went in, i enabled the waterlock mode from the notification I center of the apple watch. I was in that shallow pool for less than 20 minutes and went out. When I was trying to turn the digital crown of my watch, to eject water, it was not responding. The apple watch then restarted, not once but many times. When the watch booted, I tried the digital crown again because it is still in waterlock mode. It wasnt working. I turned the watch off because it was heating up. I called the Apple Customer Care and they instructed me to bring it to an authorized repair center to have it checked.

    I will have to wait for the result of the check up, but as for me I am not willing to pay any cent. I will demand a free replacement. This is a series 4, it is supposed to work with swimming in the pool. It was just a portable pool. I have been an apple user for years, and was surprised to see the quality of their products deteriorate.

    Attached is a picture of the portable pool.

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    Well good luck and I hope you have a positive outcome but they are most likely not going to fix or replace it. The IP67 rating on an iPhone means it should be able to withstand a quick swim up to 2 meter for like 30 minutes but if there is water damage you’re out of luck. I assume the same will hold true with the watch
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    It helps if you have Applecare coverage. It covers up to 2 accidental damages (eg cracked screen) in 2 years in Australia. But you should have a case for replacement after water damage irrespective of Applecare.
    I learnt the hard way when I dropped my watch onto tiles and the screen cracked. I dont have Applecare and the repair cost was not much less than a new watch. I have temporarily fixed mine with a car windshield crack repair kit and it has remained functional after swimming dozens of times. I decided not to risk taking it on a shallow (7m) dive today though!
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    The iPhone has water resistance for everyday "accidents" while the Watch is designed for many activities, including swimming (has a 50m water resistance), and even has a mode to track your laps. They've marketed it that way. Regardless of the legal mumbo jumbo, I too would expect Apple to replace it, and I think they probably will if OP is in a western country.

    OP this is not necessarily a sign of deteriorating quality, but mass production. There are mistakes/lemons here and there, and unlike high end Swiss watches, they don't test every piece.

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    Jul 12, 2016
    Actually, complete opposite, they will replace the watch (Either new or refurbished) if it is due to water damage, as it is 50 m water resistant and intended to be used in shallow water activities. Many members have already had their watches replaced for similar issues used in the ocean, pools, etc. Apple just needs to inspect it to make sure there’s no other inadvertent damage that the OP is not mentioning.
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    I hope you get it sorted, and I’m sure they will see you right, but please don’t start with this crap. A single bad experience does not reflect the overall quality of any company/product(s).
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    I had a series two that dies after a few laps. Apple replaced it on the spot.

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