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Apple watch Series 6 blue tint colour shift at different viewing angles


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Nov 9, 2017
Firstly and to be clear I am not trolling or hating on Apple - god knows I own enough of their products 😲😁 With that being said my new Series 6 screen has the same blue tint at angles which the Series 4 had when I tried it at release, this is disappointing but apparently a 'feature' of the current panels being used.

My Series 3 watches were almost perfect in this regard and whites stay white until you can barely see the display when viewed from the side. I believe these used an LG panel and I am wondering if the Series 4/5/6 are using Samsung panels. Interested if anyone has more knowledge about the tech used in these.

I know it is not a massive issue and mostly we are looking head on or at a slight angle. Although with the always on display it is not uncommon to glance when your wrist is at more of an angle than normal. Mostly this blue tint or shift just disappoints me on any product which should be at the top of its game regarding screen technology, especially when it has apparently been ongoing since Series 4. I have never owned a Series 5 watch so that vintage might have not been effected by this.

Interestingly I wear the Series 6 on my left wrist with crown on the left, this blue tint shift is far less visible in that orientation when tipping the wrist front to back.

I do enjoy the improved screen real estate on the Series 6 over the Series 3 so it is a case of taking the rough with the smooth until Apple (Samsung/LG) can improve this on future watch releases.

On a more positive note I feel the new blood oxygen feature on the Series 6 will potentially save lives and keep many people out of hospital, very pleased to see this added 🙂
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