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Apple Watch Series 6 Time Lag Gate!

Mohan Kumar

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Original poster
Oct 11, 2020
Dear All,
I have purchased apple watch from newly launched apple India store (44 mm Nike Edition, Aluminum black). And here is the issue I am facing. After spending several meetings with apple support, finally they admitted that many users are facing this issue, and they have forwarded it to the engineering team.

Here is the issue description

1. When the watch is on always on display, the time that is shown on the watch does not refresh every minute. When the arm is at rest lets say on table, it many times will skip updating the time every minute and then when you raise the wrist, it will suddenly jump a couple of minutes to show you the time.

2. The issue is easily detectable when you have digital watch face. It is not limited to any single watch face.

3. The paired iphone is iphone 8+

4. Both the watch and iphone are on the latest operating systems

5. I have tried disabling wifi, disabling bluetooth, getting on airplane mode, the issue is replicable

6. The issue is intermittent. It will happen if you observe closely a few times in an hour

7. The issue has persisted since last 10 days, almost every day, and almost every hour when I took time to observe

The technical support team initially tried to justify that you can just raise your wrist to see the time. But this is understood that Apple would have hired newly trained folks in Apple India store.

Overall I have been fully disappointed by the fact that no returns are allowed for apple watch here in India store, even within 14 days limit. I have already raised it as an issue with my case to, but I dont expect anyone to help me with return. The current status is that I have to wait till apple engineering time finds a solution. Hardware or software, its a defect and I think I made a big mistake to go with the first lot of a newly launched product where the QA checks for both hardware and software would have been rushed...

Any of you facing this issue, please do report...



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Apr 4, 2020
Same issue here with AOD turned on, some watch faces only update the time once you raise your wrist, hopefully gets fixed in the next update. 👀⌚


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Mar 12, 2012
Swindon, England
Same issue here with AOD turned on, some watch faces only update the time once you raise your wrist, hopefully gets fixed in the next update. 👀⌚
This is nothing new. It was more apparent with the S5 under WatchOS6. So its not a new bug and I am not sure that Apple will rush to change it.
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Anthony Lee

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Nov 22, 2020
Hi Kumar,

This is Anthony. I am also having the same problem. Have you found any solutions to this problem yet? Hope you see this soon!


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Apr 20, 2016
I noticed this a few days ago. I have disabled “activate when raising wrist”, because I don’t like my screen turning brighter and paler as I move my wrist, and I guess I can’t trust the time to be exact while this issue persists.

I have found another issue related to this: I have Siri with “raise to talk” activated, but it wouldn’t work if the screen is not active. So I have to enable ”activate screen when raising wrist” for this to work.
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