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Apple Watch Series 6 vs. Apple Watch SE Buyer's Guide


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May 6, 2008
Article says the S5 chip debuted in the S5, it didn't, its the same as the S4 chip.


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Jun 21, 2004
Article says the S5 chip debuted in the S5, it didn't, its the same as the S4 chip.
The terminology is somewhat imprecise, but Apple seem to refer to S1, S2, etc as the entire SIP (system in package), not just the CPU and not just the SoC.
The CPU is certainly the same between 4 and 5, the SoC is probably the same, but the SIP is not. For example it (obviously) has a different screen controller and (less obviously) a magnetometer (ie essentially a magnetic compass).


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Sep 25, 2007
New England
However, it should be remembered that the Series 5 is already over a year old, and will likely not support software updates for as long as the Series 6. You should only consider the older Series 5 if the Series 6 is out of your price range.

Doesn't Apple support at least 3 to maybe 5 years out? I just upgraded from a 3 GPS to a refurbished 5 GPS-Cellular. It took a while for the medical community to accept the ECG functionality. Wonder how long before they accept the O2 functionality? The SE maybe the way to go in my case.


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Mar 12, 2015
My Watch 4 is two years old, and it has gone from needing one charge a day during the first year, to two charges per day in the 2nd year, and now as year 3 approaches, it needs to be charged 3 times a day. This is annoying beyond my tolerance. Big apple fan, but I will not be purchasing a new Apple Watch until: 1. They strip out some of the unnecessary apps and routines and/or 2. Make it about as big as my iPad Pro so that the battery can be bigger. (Joke).

The basic problem is asking too much of a postage stamp-sized battery. I worried about this when I laid out $700+, which has worked out to about $1 a day. Nope, there is a Garmin out there that costs about $150 and lasts a week on a charge. Bye, bye, Apple Watch.
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