Apple Watch used to help catch a dodgy Mayor dealings

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    The Australian police confiscated Ipswich Ex-Mayor Pisasale's Apple Watch to track his movements and as a basis so they could raid his council offices and house on Monday this week. I say Ex-Mayor as he resigned on the day after this, Tuesday.

    Yes the Ex-Mayor is a sick man, quite ill indeed, he is still was raided by the federal police for a reasosn. Sure the ex-Mayor cited health as why he quit the job, but that's only half the story. He was just as sick when he ran for election last year. He chose now to quit because of the heat on his back from all his dodgy dealings. Possibly illegeal as well.

    The Australian is infamous for it's garbage paywalls so I'll cope/pate the article here.

    Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale watch seized in bid to trace $50,000

    Corruption investigators are believed to have tracked the movements of Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale potentially uncovering the source of the $50,000 in cash found in his luggage at Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport.

    The Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission investigators are also believed to be closely examining the metadata and messaging from numerous electronic devices, including Mr Pisasale’s Apple watch.

    The long-serving Queensland mayor for the city of Ipswich west of Brisbane was found with $50,000 in cash in his suitcase on May 13 at Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport.

    Police sniffer dogs detected the cash in the luggage of Mr Pisasale - who yesterday fronted up dressed in pyjamas and looking sickly at an extraordinary press conference to announce his sudden retirement - just a year after his re-election.

    The announcement followed a series of CCC raids Monday on Mr Pisasale’s offices in Ipswich, west of Brisbane and on his home.

    The CCC confirmed the raids were in relation to an “ongoing investigation’’.

    Mr Pisasale has reportedly denied the cash was for him and that he was merely carrying it for someone else.

    The Australian Federal Police had referred the discovery of the $50,000 in Melbourne to the CCC for investigation.

    During the raids investigators seized documents and electronic equipment associated with Mr Pisasale.

    The Australian has learned among devices seized was Mr Pisasale’s Apple watch - potentially enabling investigators to track the councillor’s movements and view texts and other information transmitted to the device.

    A source also told The Australian, the CCC was thought to have gone back to a hotel in Melbourne where Mr Pisasale spent time and obtained hotel CCTV images of him being handed the cash, suggesting investigators may now know the source of the cash.

    Efforts to contact Mr Pisasale today were unsuccessful with his council mobile diverting to a message service and an unknown woman at his home number hanging up when told a journalist was seeking comment.

    The CCC was contacted for comment but had not responded at the time of publication.

    The investigation is separate to a CCC probe and public hearings into political donations and campaigning in local government elections last year - including Ipswich — that was sparked by an investigation by The Australian.

    The popular mayor — who garnered more than 80 per cent of the vote in the April, 2016 elections — yesterday cited health concerns for his resignation.

    Fronting a media conference at the St Andrew’s Private Hospital, wearing a dressing gown and spotted pyjamas, Mr Pisasale said a recent flare up of multiple sclerosis, which he has suffered for 26 years, had put him “up against the wall”.

    “Now it’s my time to look after my health,” Mr Pisasale said.

    Mr Pisasale dismissed questions about a then-looming CCC announcement related to him. “I’ll wait and see what that’s about. I’m unaware of that,” he said.

    Mr Pisasale stressed that he had co-operated with previous investigations by the anti-corruption watchdog, which had not charged him with wrongdoing. The CCC later issued the statement, confirming it had carried out a search warrant at the Ipswich City Council offices on Monday.

    “The search was related to an ongoing CCC investigation. As the investigation is ongoing, it is not appropriate for the CCC to comment further,” the statement said.

    Fellow veteran Ipswich councillor Deputy Mayor Paul Tully will take over as acting mayor and an election will be called within three months.

    Mr Tully yesterday praised Mr Pisasale, who has served on Ipswich City Council since 1991, but admitted he was aware of the raids.

    “I think that’s a matter that doesn’t reflect on the council. It’s a matter that may or may not involve Paul Pisasale and may involve other people as well,” Mr Tully said.

    “I’m not aware of any allegation against the (former) mayor, or any claim of wrongdoing; it’s a fact-finding and information-gathering exercise at the moment.”

    The corruption watchdog this year held public hearings into what it described as “possible criminal offences’’ ahead of the council elections on the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Moreton Bay.

    Mr Pisasale was one of a number of southeast Queensland mayors called on to give evidence.

    The hearing was told Mr Pisasale received more than $220,000 in donations ahead of last year’s election, but he denied the money had any influence on him.

    “People give to churches but they don’t expect divine intervention,” Mr Pisasale said.
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    Also heard a FitBit was used in tracking a killer recently (maybe the VA State Trooper not sure...)
    not sure how or something but I just heard it from the 2 seconds of hearing the local news

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