Apple Workstations?


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Oct 21, 2001
Apple is releasing rack mount server tomorrow, but it is it also going to release Mac's specifically designed for the enterprise market? maybe a cross between a Power Mac, imac G3, and imac G4? I think it would compliment Apple's enterprise strategy very well, if they tailored a Mac that is specifically designed for the enterprise market, what do you guys think? maybe a cMac? Corporate Mac?


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Apr 29, 2002
Wasn't that called the G4 Cube?

I am fairly certain that the G4 Cube was aimed at that market..."grossly miscalculated"...but still aimed at the cubicled...Dilbert. The pricing certainly wasn't based on what Apple knew worked with the average consumer.

I can see adding a line of high level Professional Graphics High-end Workstations...they would be a great compliment to the already rocking Powermac line. Not affordable for every designer / animator...but if you can afford it...great. Certainly would allow for Pixar's transition to macs.



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Sep 21, 2001
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Work stations!

The iMac G4 was aimed at the work station market wasn't it?
I mean it's pretty close to the stats of the cube except cheaper and all in one. So you would think if they aimed the cube at the eenterprise market then the iMac was also aimed at that market aswell as the consumer!?


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Mar 11, 2002
Franklin, TN
i think terms are being confused.

The three tiers are: consumer, enterprise, and workstation.

Workstations are for hard core users... like oasamostexianu suggested and apple really has nothing like that. Maybe they will with the new rumored graphics card and stereo displays... but for now a dual gig w/ cinema display is what our workstation is.

For enterprise computing (secretary specials... basic computers like the compaq ipaq) we have the new imac.... but apple really doesn't subscribe to this type of classification and doesn't try to go the corporate route.. and probably shouldn't...

you could make an arguement for some setup like this:

Consumer - imac g3
Enterprise - imac g4
Workstaton - powermac

but now im just throwing things out there.. and making little or no sense.. i'll shut up now


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May 9, 2002
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Well, in order for Apple to appeal to the 3D graphics community, they will need something that will compare to Sun and SGI workstations. The DP G4 is great for everything that you can throw at it. But, it cannot compare to the highend systems that most 3D work is done on. I think Apple will develop a box that will appeal to the 3D market, and possibly use Shake as it's selling point.
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