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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by coolbreeze, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. coolbreeze macrumors 68000


    Jan 20, 2003
    Well, I need some advice. My iMac (edit: 15" flat panel) is emitting a high-pitched hum (similar to an old CRT TV) and it is driving me nuts (and giving me headaches...literally). I have Applecare, and called them just now. I described the problem, down to analogies such as "it sounds like an airplane pulling into a hangar" and "an electrical-sounding hum, possibly from the HDD or power supply." In classic Applecare fashion, they had no documented evidence of this being an issue...yeah, right. I told the guy that I've read tons of message boards saying it is a problem, but Apple won't admit to it. I was ultimately (the 1st time) told to take it to the nearest Apple service center (90 miles form me, mind you). I refused to drive that far (hello? Applecare?) and they transferred me to someone else (direct dispatch) to see if someone would come to me.

    Well, the lady I was transferred to transferred me to tech support (back to Applecare we go). The new guy I spoke with seemed aware of the problem, as he immediately suggested my HDD bearings were bad. I felt confident until he gave me the "lets isolate the problem by doing a system restore, then go from there." OK, I know it isn't a software issue, as the noise happens immediately when I turn on my iMac, before any software loads. I said I would do it and call back. I'm just call back and say I did and it didn't solve the problem.

    The reason I don't want to do it is because I already did two weeks ago (when I received the iMac, I did a clean install). I'm not into duplicating efforts for no reason.

    He said if the reinstall didn't help, they would "build the case" and go from there. I then asked him if I would have to drive 90 miles, drop it off, return, and go pick it back up without a guarantee it would be repaired (they have to find something "wrong" before they will fix it). I requested he send someone to my house, and he said that was doubtful becuase I am further than 50 miles from a service center. Gee, don't worry about it Apple, I'll burn vacation, gas, and my time to fix your faulty product.

    As you can see, I'm ticked. Are there any other options? Does anyone else have this ear-piercing noise? I switched from PC's because of the fan noise (the only reason) and now I can't even sleep with this thing on. Makes me miss the woosh of the fans.
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    Feb 1, 2002
    personally, I think apple is correct. The thing needs to be evaluated. People would always complain about noise witht eh CRT imacs, but there wasn't a problem a lot of the time because people just weren't use to the powersupply and hard drive being up on the desk like that. On the slot loading imacs it was even more noticeable because of the lack of a fan. But there wasn't actually a problem to be fixed.

    Thats nott o say you aren't experiencing a problem. Yours may very well have a a bum hard drive or something. but apple surely has the right to have it evaluated by a professional, and if their policy is that they don't send someone out when you are further than 50 miles away, well, that makes sense to me to. What should apple do, spend their money to have you send something to them via the mail (its expensive to ship you know) even if it turns out something isn't wrong?

    Maybe you can just call a service center and ask them if you can mail it to them. it would have to be at your own expensive, and if even if there is a problem apple wouldn't reimburse you for that probably.

    I can understand your frustration, but I think apple is right.
  3. iGold macrumors newbie

    Jan 23, 2003
    I would intend to agree with Apple as well. If Apple sent a tech to everyone who said they had a prob, we'd be paying 5 grand for an iMac.

    But, I would say you definitely had a problem.
    I own a 15 inch iMac and I have to put my ear to the base to hear anything.

    I'd call the service center and stick the phone to the base to let them hear the noise and see what they say.
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    Jan 20, 2003
    Thanks for your responses. Of course I agree with the fact that Apple cannot afford to race to everyone's home that has an issue with their mac. I am a very technically inclined person, and I do realize that a system restore will not make this sound go away. It is a faulty part. I know this because I've done a system restore and it didn't help. And for Applecare to say they won't talk to me until I do yet another one, is very irritating.

    Also, apple should not sell Applecare plans to those who live as far from an Apple service center as I do (90 miles...c'mon...) and not offer assistance. The guy was like "hey, just head on down to Savannah, GA (I live in Charleston, SC). I mean, yeah, that's a piece of cake if you have nothing else to do with your time.

    Oh well. Guess it's back to losing my data once again (yes, I burned CD's, but that's not the point). Oughtta be a fun drive, too.

    Man, I need a coke or something.

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