AppleCare have offered to replace Late 2012 Mac Mini with 2014 Model but I want to Upgrade to iMac!

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by OAK77uk, Mar 16, 2016.

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    Apologies I'm still new here on MacRumours

    I have had a couple of bad run-ins with AppleCare here in UK. The latest is my Late 2012 Mac Mini i7 2.3Ghz 1TB Fusion HD with Upgraded 16Gb Memory purchased later. So far I've had 2 Logic Boards & 1 Fusion Drive replacements. Now the Fusion Drive is causing the Mac Mini to Crash with multiple symptoms and AppleCare have agreed to replace.

    In the past I've been offered the opportunity to Upgrade to better models or other models.

    As Apple don't have a 'Like for Like' only their 2Core i7 3.0Ghz 8Gb 1Tb Fusion I've asked if I can pay the difference and Upgrade to an iMac. They've blankly refused - so far I've spent 100's of hours on the phone over past year and I just don't know what to do. I feel like writing to Tim Cook.

    One USA Representative offered me a 1TB SSD Upgrade when it went in for Fusion Drive replacement - the Repair Company said it could not be done - the latest Representative in Ireland says she shouldn't have offered but she did and it was recorded! I don't like the idea of a 2Core Mac Mini even if it is the top model. They won't budge on increasing the 8GB Memory to 16GB or upgrade the Fusion to SSD unless I pay £650GBP! After what I've experienced I thought they would have, for Customer Goodwill, have offered at least that upgrade for good will. I have been an Apple Customer since 1985/6 Any ideas. Many Thanks. Michael OAK77uk
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    Email Tim. Are you willing to pay the difference?

    Another thought: proceed with the logic board replacement, get this best Fusion drive they'll give you, then sell it for something else. Might work out better for you.
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    Mar 17, 2012
    Thank you for the reply - it's had two replacement Logic Boards & 1 Fusion Drive Replaced to date. On return from the Fusion Drive Replacement I noticed that it had Heat & Failure Issues via TechToolPro 8 to the point of failure. Finally as I managed to Clone the Drive it failed. Tried all methods of reinitialising drive but kept coming up with issues for Format etc even using Target via a MacBookPro still the same.

    I've been with Apple since 1985/6 and have had a few issues but now they are suggesting they won't do any more repairs and that I have to have a 'Like for Like' except there is no current 4-Core 'Like for Like' in the current Mini family. I use the Mini for Logic - Final Cut Pro - Photoshop etc which was initially working fine on the 2.3Ghz i7 1TB Fusion but reading all the Reports it seems this is not going to work easily unless using an SSD hence my situation.

    AppleCare are phoning tonight but I'm not sure of my Legal Position as the AppleCare Rep wants only to give me another Mac Mini and wants to charge £650 for an SSD Upgrade and £160 for the 16GB Memory that I had purchased after buying and yet the American AppleCare Rep offered to give me a 1TB SSD Replacement, which the Irish AppleCare Rep pointed out but then said she should not have offered as it's not 'Like for Like' - my take on this is that no matter who in a company offers to give an upgrade then they should be legally bound by that representative?

    Hence the reason for coming to the Forum and MacRumours Forums seem amazing and some great people out there offering to help, like yourself.

    Many thanks
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    Apples for apples and oranges for oranges.

    If they're "offering", take what you can get -- with a smile!
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    I would keep arguing the case of a quad core for a quad core and that would mean an iMac. I don't see why there would be a problem with an upgrade if your willing to pay the difference. The other alternative is if you have an Apple store or retailer for Apple close by you, you might ask if they would consider a trade of the new unopened Mini for an iMac that you could pay the difference in price.

    Like for like or better might be argued for a quad core. Worth a try.
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    You're using some really heavy apps. I suspect that the loss of half your cores and RAM will be a noticeable downgrade. :(
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    You've spent 100's of hours on the phone with Apple over this? Is it even worth it? You realize if this is true that you've spent literally weeks of your life on the phone with Apple. Is that even worth it? Or true? Sounds like an exaggeration. But anyways.

    I would take the best deal I Can get and move on. The 2012 mac mini is 4 years old now. The i7 in it is relatively old too. A modern i5 can probably do almost as much. If you can stall a little longer, maybe they will release a new mini soon and who knows, maybe there will be a quad core. Otherwise, I'd just take the best deal I can get and move on.
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    Thank you for getting back - let's put it this way - I use GiffGaff on my mobile & for every minute from a call (apart from GiffGaff user) I get a Free Minute here in UK - one month with an AppleCare Rep in Newcastle I had 1100 minutes Free... 800+ minutes with same guy another month this went on and on.

    My response before the Case was changed over was if Apple continue asking me to check this - check that - download the whole system 3 times on a server that is under 512kbps (1/2Mb Down) which on one occasion took 10 days 24/7... then Apple - AppleCare should pay me as a R&D Specialist as I had a similar issue with a 2011 17 MacBookPro i7 2.2Ghz Top Model with all the extras - that went on for 3+ years after telling Apple that model had problems.

    This now is in its second year. Crazy but true and I have all the records including well documented Messages and Apple don't like that do they but of course they Record all of yours don't they (for Training Purposes - what does that mean...)

    I finally had the call last night.

    No they would not upgrade with me paying to an iMac - his proviso was that they can only offer me 'Like for Like' but there is no 'Like for Like' - there is No 4-Core Mac Mini nor would they upgrade me to the i7 that I have 2.3Ghz i7 only the i5 2 Core and because I purchased 16Gb Ram (Crucial) they would only give me the Base Machine or pay £160 for 16GB. Nor would they replace the issues with Fusion Drives by upgrading to an SSD unless I pay £650... GBPounds£ not USD$ I could buy 3x 1TB Fast SSDs for that.

    I told him how heavily committed I was with Apple Pro Products Logic (which I've been with since it was Creator Notator and eMagic - Logic and now Logic Pro - plus Final Cut Pro - plus Photoshop which would not work on the offered machine. But he was immovable - incredible to you long users of Apple products because you all know that AppleCare on a Replacement Machine always, in the past, offered an upgrade (Customer Good Will) to the next model in the range, it was the done thing (in the past but not - it seems now).

    So a Stalemate has been reached and although, he (the Irish Rep) was polite, it was like trying to remove the fingerprints from the end of your fingers - no movement - no Apple 'Care' - hence I am left with a Unit that cannot be used, which, had AppleCare USA Rep fulfilled due to all the issues, her words, we will replace your Fusion Drive with a 1TB SSD, I'm sure I would not be here sharing my experience.

    So now it's a letter to (by the way did you know that when you get through to a Senior Advisor at AppleCare (they're all Senior in this situation, there is No One Higher... really that's what I was told. I said surely there is - there is always a Godhead but those above the Senior Advisor State are not reachable) now to Tim Cook - I have nearly 100Mb of Saved Screen Saves - Logs - Emails - Other ready to upload to that highest of all the highest at Apple - sorry if I sound sarcastic I'm just so frustrated.

    And yes you are right it has taken weeks - months with the other previous MacBookPro of my very valuable life hours as you rightly said and still I would suggest that Apple are the best computers for what we use them for and I've been with them since 1985/6

    Sorry if that was lengthy accept my apologies as a Newbie here - Tim - if you've read this I will be sending you or your team an email - please respond - I'm too old to play any more AppleCare Games...

    Thanks everyone for your very kind help.

    OAK77uk (on the socials /OAK77uk)
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    Thank you for your reply - please look further down I've expanded what has gone on to date.

    Much appreciated.


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