Applecare onsite repair?


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Jun 22, 2006
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I'm going to be buying a 2.2 GHz MBP within the next few days (possibly today, you never know) and so I'm shopping around looking at different prices and things. So, a few questions about Applecare versus store warranties:

I live in Australia...

If I have a problem with my MBP, can I get someone to come and fix it on-site (my house) or will I be forced to send it away? My Dad had a screen problem with "his" school Powerbook (owned by the school, but he has exclusive use) and an Apple guy came to the school and fixed it. It does say in a few places on the Apple website about on-site repair of desktops, but a Powerbook is hardly a desktop...

Applecare is so damn expensive. $460 for 3 years hardware warranty and phone support, but I'm confident I won't need the phone support (I imagine it's just for people who don't know how to use computers or Macs, correct me if I'm wrong), but I can get 3 year hardware warranty (without extra phone support) from Apple resellers for only $100 or so. Does anyone have any experiences with non-Applecare warranty?

I was going to buy the MBP using the Student ADC discount, but considering the high cost of Applecare (I do want 3 years warranty, because I'll have it for at least 3 years), the discount doesn't seem worth it, even if I end up getting Leopard for free. Is there any other perks that a Uni student like me would get from going the ADC path?


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May 31, 2006
i'm in the United States.

i've never heard of Apple coming to someone's house or workplace to do a repair. in fact, every person i know who has required a repair by Apple (under AppleCare) has had to send their computer away.

i don't think you can separate AppleCare into its component parts (hardware and phone support); it's a package deal. if you can get support from another source for less money, go for it! as with anything you buy, though, just be sure you know what you're getting.

i'm not familiar with ordering using the developer discount, only the regular student discount. price everything out to see which gives you the best option and go for it!


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Jul 5, 2007
I work at a huge medical school in Houston and last year a person in our deparment won a grant for 7million so our budget refelcts our ability to spend a crapload of money on not just IT equipment but just about anything you can think of. We probably spend around 200-250k a fiscal year on apple related products and we have our own online store with discounts on, and yes sometimes apple will send someone onsite. But i highly doubt they will send someone out for just one customer(correct me if Im wrong).

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Feb 18, 2004
You can get onsite repair, just not for a portable. If it were a Mac Pro, that would be another story.


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Apr 18, 2003

Q:What service options does the AppleCare Protection Plan offer?

A: Apple may provide service through one or more of the following options: carry-in service (to Apple retail stores or Apple Authorized Service Providers), direct mail-in service, onsite service (for desktop computers), or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) parts (so you can service your own product).