AppleCare+ Vs Free Warranty For 1st Year

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by SluGuru, Sep 13, 2013.

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    Starting with the upcoming iPhone 5s I will be upgrading my phone every year as opposed to every other year. I am trying to decide if I want AppleCare+ or ATT Insurance for my device. I understand AppleCare+ extends your warranty to 2 years from 1 (and 2 years of phone support that I do not need.) However, if I am only going to keep the device for one year is there any advantage to purchasing AppleCare+? I understand you get refunded a prorated difference from Apple. What else? Are they deductibles and quality of service for damage different
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    Applecare+ is $99, and then a $79 deductible for every claim (up to two claims). It covers everything except for loss/theft. As long as you have a device to turn in to them, you can get a replacement. Regular Applecare is just a standard warranty and does not include this service.

    I do not know everything about ATT's insurance but if it's anything like Verizon (who uses Asurion) then it isn't that good. You are paying $10-12 a month I believe, with a higher deductible. I THINK (but am not sure) it is anywhere from $120-170 per claim. The good deal about this plan is that it DOES cover loss/theft.

    Another option is a Squaretrade warranty. for two years it is $124 and then a $50 deductible. But, also doesn't cover loss/theft so it really isnt better than Applecare+.

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