Applecare? What Happens When They Don't?!

Discussion in 'Community' started by dietsoda, Nov 20, 2003.

  1. dietsoda macrumors member

    Jun 13, 2003
    Bath, UK
    This is a brief diary of one man's struggle to get what he paid for...

    September 20th 2003
    Hooray! Today I ordered my 15" Aluminium PowerBook! I went for the 7200rpm drive option, and the 512mb as one chip of RAM. I ordered it from our company reseller Rapid Group here in the UK. Can't wait til it arrives!

    October 19th 2003
    Hooray again! Aside from the fact that it's taken a month, and nobody ever gave me a ship time or date, it's finally arrived! What a beauty! The hinge is good, the latch is good, and no white spots! One stuck pixel, but in the corner, not too bad. Hooray!

    October 29th 2003
    Uh oh. Well guess what, my PowerBook has started to develop the dreaded white spots issue. Damn it. Oh well, ring tommorrow and see what they say.

    October 30th 2003
    Well I spoke to a lady at Apple. She has rung Amsys (a Apple partner in the UK) and they will collect it tommorrow. She said that it will be repaired.

    October 31st 2003
    Amsys collect my PowerBook. I'm left with a slip of paper. sigh.

    November 4th 2003
    Amsys ring me, they say i need to fax them the invoice, but that they have identified and confirmed the problem. They will be issuing a replacement as soon as they get the invoice. I fax them it through in 5 minutes. I ring back and they confirm they have it, but cannot give me an estimate on how long i'll be without the powerbook. they say to ring apple in two weeks!

    November 7th 2003
    I ring apple on the friday, as that will have been a full week since it was picked up. they say they can't tell me when it will ship, and to ring again next week. She said it should be delivered by the end of next week.

    November 13th 2003
    I rang them again today to find out when it will be delivered. After nearly two hours of holding, and being transfered twice to different departments. I eventually spoke to someone who seemed to have some kind of clue. She says that the order went in to the factory on the 5th and that as yet there's no more info. Ring again on Monday she says!

    November 18th 2003
    Well I rang yesterday as they told me to on thursday. Still no change. The lady i spoke to said she would ring me today when she might hopefully have news or even a tracking number. Well, it's 13:45 and still no call from Apple yet. I'm giving them till 4pm then I'm back on the phone. I'm going to be so angry if they don't ring, I get the feeling that they are just lying half the time.

    November 18th 2003 - later
    Oh My God.
    Well, as I mentioned above I was supposed to be getting a call today from Apple. The lady I spoke to yesterday said she would ring today.
    well, it's past 4pm and no phone call, so I decided to ring them. I'd had it in my mind that if I didn't recieve a call by 4pm then I'd ring, as that's pretty near the end of the day for many offices.
    Well I just rang only to be greeted by the message: "Thank You for calling Apple. We are closed for training purposes. Please ring again in two hours."

    November 18th 2003 - even later
    OK, so I waited and finally the phoneline's started working again. 5pm on the dot.
    Got through, only to be told that it's customer relations who are dealing with my case (but i knew that), and that surprise surprise, they close at 5pm!!!! So she said she'd ring back yesterday, i gave her til 4pm. I ring, but they are clsoed for training. I ring and ring and ring and eventually at 5 they reopen. But they are magically all gone.
    The lady I spoke to just now still doesn't know what's happening. She strted to tell me "well it takes up to 10 working days..." until she realised that will be tomorrow. So i have to ring again tomorrow morning.

    November 19th 2003
    Spoke to another seemingly nice lady. She again couldn't tell me when it might ship from the factory. Today is 10 working days of them having recieved the order for the replacement. 19 days after they originally picked up my laptop. She said that she couldn't get hold of the people who would be able to get into the system and see what was happening, and could she ring me back in a few minutes. I explained that was fine by me, but that a previous apple person had said the same thing a couple of days ago anfd never rang back. She assured me she would ring.
    She never did.
    So that's twice I've not be rung back, and god knows how many calls and hours on hold.

    November 20th 2003
    just spoke to a guy at apple, still no news. It's 11 working days now since the factory recieved the order, 20 days after it was picked up.
    He said that all I could do was to ring on Monday! He again couldn't give me any kind of guess about when it will be shipped or what's happening with it.
  2. caveman_uk Guest


    Feb 17, 2003
    Hitchin, Herts, UK
    My ibook went away for repair last week - collected Wednesday returned the following Monday. Now working, sadly it seems to have collected a few more scratches on it's travels. They could be a bit more careful and not dismantle easily scratched laptops on top of sandpaper:(
  3. dietsoda thread starter macrumors member

    Jun 13, 2003
    Bath, UK
    I've never had to deal with AppleCare before. Is this the norm?

    I've heard that AppleCare is legendary from some, and legendarily bad from others.
  4. caveman_uk Guest


    Feb 17, 2003
    Hitchin, Herts, UK
    Well, they were quick and efficient - two words you don't normally associated with Apple in Europe. If it weren't for the extra scratches then I'd be ecstatic about the service.
  5. sjjordan macrumors 6502

    Jun 10, 2003
    United States
    I had to send my powebook in twice. One was for a bad battery which they fixed and returned in days. The other was for a bad hard drive. Same fast "no questions asked" service.

    I imagine that since many, many people are having this "white spot" problem, it is making their applecare less productive for you. It usually isn't like this
  6. manitoubalck macrumors 6502a


    Jul 17, 2003
    Adelaide, Australia
    Sorry should have told you sooner, make a personal apperance and DEMARND a replacement on the spot, or your money back (if they give your money back, or store credit buy another one.) Make up a story about how important it is to your business life if need be. Be forceful but not agressive, that is the best way to get results.
  7. bcsimac macrumors 6502

    Nov 4, 2002
    Bolivar, TN
    First off, you can't make a personal appearance at a Apple Care Repair Center. They ship these things sometimes across the entire Country or even out of Country in some cases. Second, Demanding a replacement or your money back has never worked with Apple. Apple will simply say that you will have to wait until the repair has been made and when they can ship it. Apple has never gave a user their money back that I can think of or even have heard of. Basically only one person can approve the replacement and that is Steve Jobs himself.

  8. iJon macrumors 604


    Feb 7, 2002
    this is not normal of applecare. it is probably because many people have had these white spot problems, then with you being in the uk makes it take even longer. just a guess thouggh.

  9. wdlove macrumors P6


    Oct 20, 2002
    With the Power Mac G5 they have a promotion that you can return it within 30 days with no questions ask. The 30 days is set with the shipping date.
  10. King Cobra macrumors 603

    Mar 2, 2002
    Uh-oh. I'm sending my iBook for repairs tomorrow (control-key capacitor is shot) and I would like to have it returned in a significantly less time period than two weeks. My AppleCare expires December 7, 2003, and this is my "Clamshell" iBook 466 (Graphite) we're talking about.

    Yes, AppleCare still exists on that thing. :eek: :eek: :p
  11. stoid macrumors 601


    Feb 17, 2002
    So long, and thanks for all the fish!
    My brother had a 333Mhz Lime iMac for college, and within the last week of his AppleCare, he was able to transfer the account to someone he sold it to, and they were able to send it in and get the optical drive replaced.
  12. G4scott macrumors 68020


    Jan 9, 2002
    Austin, TX
    I've had 2 recent experiences with AppleCare (well, one with AppleCare, the other with the Apple Store.)

    My AppleCare experience was about the feet on my 12" PowerBook which had fallen off months ago. At first the guy said I would have to pay, but then I told him the reference number to the 'hot' topic on the PowerBook's feet where they would send out feet repair kits free of charge. I got the feet the next day.

    My experience with the Apple Store was with a wireless keyboard I had just bought. One of the keys wasn't working, so I called, and they sent a replacement, and told me to do whatever I wanted with the other...

    In the past, I've had good experiences with getting Apple products repaired. 2 CD drives in 2 different iBooks were repaired (through CompUSA, but they send them to Apple), and that didn't take long. They also replaced other parts of the computer that were damaged that were still under warranty. Also, a power supply one one of the iBooks was fraying at the plug, and was dangerous, so my brother called Apple, spoke to a product safety manager, and they sent him a new power supply, and he sent the old one back so they could look at it.

    Overall, I've had good support from Apple.

    The only problem I can see with that guy's PowerBook, is that Apple is probably swamped with 15" PowerBooks with this 'white spot' problem, and is trying as hard as they can to replace them, but it's taking them time. That, and being overseas doesn't help either.

    Anyways, I hope you get your computer back soon, and I'm sorry to hear about your poor experience with Apple Care...
  13. bcsimac macrumors 6502

    Nov 4, 2002
    Bolivar, TN

    That is the first I have heard of that. In the past, Apple has made it clear even to dealers that they don't do replacements, money back guarrantees, or returns of any kind. I have worked for dealers for a long time so I should know. I had my powerbook 1400 replaced only after I wrote a letter to Steve Jobs himself and also emailed him.


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