Apple's Advantage over the Blackberry: Way More Memory

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 28, 2009.

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    Does this guy even have a clue what he's talking about? WTF is "App memory"?! He's speaking as if RAM and the flash storage are the same thing! It isn't the storage space that allows all the fancy animation and robust functionality in an iPhone/iPod Touch app, its the RAM!

    Really, I don't have a clue how much RAM a typical BlackBerry has, but I'm sure it isn't anywhere near the 128MB in the iPhone.

    If RIM is going to pull off an App Store knockoff, they better produce a phone capable of running some rather fancy and off-the-wall apps to beat out what Apple is already offering.
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    Not likely to be happening anytime soon. The overall demographic Blackberry caters to is hardly interested in fancy apps outside of the most basic generic ones included on the BB itself. You won't see many developers excited about writing apps for an archaic OS either. iPhone, OS X, iTunes, and the App store are extremely well integrated, well thought out, and have potential for exponential growth beyond RIM's wildest dreams. Perhaps RIM will be lucky enough to recruit someone of the likes of Jon Rubenstein as Palm was - At least this competition is innovative and will likely push Apple to achieve more.
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    Didn't Apple negotiate buy a lot of flash memory in advance cash-upfront in order to get preferential pricing?

    Looking like a wise move now.
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    The page in the above Storm User Guide is 200 which says:

    Best practice: Optimizing your device performance
    Try to maintain at least 400 KB of application memory on your BlackBerry® device. To increase the amount of application memory, try
    deleting items that you do not need from your device. Consider the following guidelines:
    • Delete old email and MMS messages, especially messages with attachments.
    • Delete contacts that are already in your organization's address book.
    • Delete applications and languages that you do not use.
    • If you recently upgraded the BlackBerry® Device Software over the wireless network, delete the previous version of the BlackBerry
    Device Software.
    • Clear the browser cache.
    To use less memory, try changing options for email messages, calendar entries, and media files. Consider the following guidelines:
    • Reduce the amount of time that your device stores email messages and calendar entries.
    • Stop forwarding email messages to your device when your device is connected to your computer.
    • Receive only the first section of long email messages.
    • If you changed the picture quality for pictures that you take, change the picture quality setting to Normal.
    • Reduce the picture quality in the browser.
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    lol it's funny..

    Yes I think that guy who is talking about the App memory knows what he is talking about, Imouse. BB uses application memories rather than RAM. Not everything has to be like a mac or Iphone. Iphone is basically built to be used as an alternative on the go computer like a macbook which I have. It's for fancy applications like the other guy said. BB is not. BB is used for reliable, compact, easy to use, convenient, CELLPHONE and messaging service and it caters to most of the business people who appreciate BB push service and other service that iphone doesn't have. fancy applications for them are useless. it's simple and easy. They are both good and they all both have flaws there no point saying attacking words like "Knock offs" and calling someone stupid by saying he doesn't know what he is talking about. I worked in cellphone industry and I have both BB and Itouch. Not trying to say who is right who is wrong but dissing someone is just WRONG period.

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