Apple's CarPlay goes missing in L.A. and in the showroom

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  1. Menel, Nov 22, 2014
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    WTF :(

    The Honda HRV has a clever new center stack with climate controls getting a glass front with lcd and touch buttons. And the 7" display above it, which appears to be what carplay was at one point demo'd on... I don't understand...
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    this translates to - we"car manufacturers" want you to spend extra $2000 -$3000 on a worthless tech package of some kind to get a navigation from us instead of using your phone for free.
    I am due for a car replacement in few years and at the rate this get implemented by car manufacturers, I do not think the carplay will be anywhere to be found even in few years which really is bad for consumers.
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    Agree with mlody.

    But also, don't forget, car manufacturers aren't the most nimble companies, it takes 3-5 years to roll out a new car design, so seeing that CarPlay was announced only in June, not a lot of time to whip up a whole new audio system, if required. Maybe have to get FCC compliance. Retest everything for function, electronic noise/interference, etc.

    Plus probably have a large inventory of head units already made for initial rollout, and probably don't want to eat that cost as well.

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