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Howdy all,,
I called apple and said in a nice smooth voice.
"hello, You have a 5 gig HD called firefly. Please, I want one.
Could you give it to me please, and ship it now with my Ti for free please.

They said " well, certainly, Grokgod. "

I replied " YES, give me all that i desire! Am I not grokgod? Am i not here to experience all that is good in technology?"

uhh wait, thats what i said in my head.

I really replied " thank you , so much, I am very happy to get free stuff.
Long live Apple."
She laughed, I hung up.

Ok, now what the hell did I get for free?

I know its an external HD, i know its firewire, i knwo its the size of playing cards.
But whats the drive and specs, anyone here know?

Free stuff is good, I will take free stuff, give it to me.
Grokgod mantra~


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uhhh I did, I did get it for free!

No really , free, I like free stuff, dont you?

go to the apple site and see for yourself with the purchase of a powerbook or powermac, you get a free firefly.

its not complicated. really , i promise.

Anyway thanks for the info page... :)
I appreciate it.


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Mar 11, 2002
Franklin, TN
My buddies and I have a few catch phrases.

One of my favorites is "Everything is better when it is free (or when your naked)"

Food for thought. :)


Mr. Anderson

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Nov 1, 2001
Originally posted by D0ct0rteeth
One of my favorites is "Everything is better when it is free (or when your naked)"
Well, I'm sure I can convince my dog to give you some free poop, just send me your address and I'll mail it.

Free stuff is good!:rolleyes:

So for the firefly drive, what if you bought your TiPB in October....