Apple's Fukushima-like stupidity in building data centre in Silicon Valley

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by 4miler, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. 4miler macrumors member

    Oct 11, 2009
    Am I the only one who thinks Apple (Steve Jobs) is displaying Fukushima-like stupidity, on par with the goons at the Tokyo Electric Power Company, for selecting Silicon Valley as a site for its major data center, where your data will be stored. Aren't we talking here about a major earthquake zone with the probability of 99% of having the big one happen in the next few decades? If this data center, say, carries 30% of your email data or whatever you store with MobileMe or iCloud, once the center goes up in smoke in an earthquake, the whole world's Apple user's data would get affected/lost. I just hope they're smarter than Microsoft by keeping good backups, and have an off-site backup. How many of you are confident that Apple will do this?
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    First of calling Fukushima stupid is retarded. It is a nuclear reactor that withstood one of the largest earthquakes in recent history built with technologies that are over 40 years old. A mean feat in itself.

    Second the Silicon Valley DC is only 11,000 square feet not exactly that large when compared to their 500,000 square feet facility in NC.
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    I know what your concern is, it just doesn't matter. We can't avoid projects due to 0.0001% possibility of a problem.
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    Well, anyone storing important data only in the cloud is asking for problems anyway. It doesn't even need to be an earthquake, what happened to Sony would be enough.

    First of saying Fukushima "withstood" the earthquake is really retarded. It's not polluting the atmosphere with massive amounts of radioactive materials reaching America and even Europe because it "withstood" the earthquake so well.

    But it's not stupidity that led to this, corporations just tend to neglect important security measures to save money. The BP disaster is another example. After all, if something happens it's the citizens who suffer and pay with their tax money to fix it.
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    Apple's massive new data centre is in North Carolina not Silicon Valley. This sounds like a much smaller, perhaps even temporary solution. Maybe it is extra capacity in case they have any problems bringing the big one online. I would imagine that on day one of the iCloud the servers will be pretty busy as everyone tries to get on and try it out first.
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    Earthquakes are all about location, land, and engineering.

    In 1989 many newer buildings collapsed because they were literally built on a giant pile of trash, while some of the oldest survived just fine because they were built on solid ground.

    You also can't base everything on natural disasters. Every location has its dangers. For the Bay Area it's earthquakes; for Japan it's earthquakes and typhoons; for North Carolina it's hurricanes; for Mississippi it's tornadoes; for Louisiana it's hurricanes and oil spills.
  7. 0007776 Suspended


    Jul 11, 2006
    It withstood the earthquake fine, it was the tsunami that caused problems. And as far as a data center goes, as long as it is built up to code it should withstand an earthquake fine as well. Even if it does have problems as long as Apple doesn't decide to use it as a combination data center and nuclear waste storage facility it should come back online quickly after any disaster since they can restore from their backup.
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    Then build a data centre in a place where nothing bad ever happens, like northern Europe, the UK or the moon.

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