Apple's iPhone sweeps the board in smartphone sales

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 3, 2009.

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    I agree with one of the article's comments: this should silence all those people who said the iPhone would never sell in Japan because the Japanese had higher expectations of what their cell phones could do. Maybe it was the emoji that tipped the scales. :rolleyes: But most likely it was simply because the iPhone is such a useable device.
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    which retail stores were surveyed, I'm sure if I was selective enough I could get results that show 0 iphones sold.
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    Well, I'm fairly certain that 2300 stores is a statistically broad enough survey.
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    In Japan? Really?? I was there last month on holiday for three weeks and could count the iPhones I saw in the wild on one hand. :confused:

    The Japanese really seem to like their phones like this... and this...
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    If they actually sold 1 Mio iPhones that would be awesome and, as people have said, it flies right into the face of iPhone sceptics who kept telling us for almost 1 year that the iPhone had flopped outside the US and cited Japan as their prime example.

    Apple may still only be a bit player in Japan, a market dominated by local brands, but their market entry strategy certainly beats Nokia's who gave up on Japan years ago because they couldn't sell anything in this proud country.

    That Softbank dropped prices on their data plans certainly helped the iPhone as well. High data prices are the ultimate hurdle for the iPhone. I hope that we will reach a state in a few years where carriers can stop investing in ever faster networks (do we really need 4G already?) and start dropping the prices for customers. Once that happens Apple can sell 10 times as many iPhones as they are selling now.

    Too bad we can't read the original news story from Nikkei because it's behind a pay wall.

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