Apple's Mac market share rise is good for consumers

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Dec 10, 2007.

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    Hmmmm.... maybe I'm missing something. The article says that 29% of respondents now plan to buy a Mac. And this is an amazing increase in just two years... from 27%? (16% notebook + 11% desktop.)

    That's only 1% a year the way I read it.

    And later they refer to 24% as "most."

    I don't doubt that there's a big trend toward more Mac users, and I agree that if other companies start to copy Apple successfully that will be nice--but I wasn't easily able to dig the facts out of that article.
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    new math?

    Yeah I too am confused. I saw an article a few days ago here:

    Among talking about the mac market share was a reference to the same poll. "The latest ChangeWave consumer poll found that 29% of likely notebook and desktop PC buyers in the next 90 days are planning to get a Mac. That's higher than consumer purchase intent for HP laptops (21%), HP desktops (24%) and Dell laptops (28%). But Dell had higher demand for its desktops (31%).

    The trend line is clearly up for Apple. Two years ago, 16% of likely notebook PC buyers and 11% of desktop PC buyers planned to buy Macs."

    nagromme, as you said... a 1% increase?
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    According to the original article, 29% of laptop consumers will buy a Mac laptop, and 29% of desktop consumers will buy a Mac desktop. That is a massive improvement, if true.

    I'll believe it when I see it though. Their previous forecasts in the same chart don't seem to have come true either.

    Report (PDF)

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