Apple's new stores


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May 12, 2001

Eeeeexcellent (in mR. Burns voice). The amount of respect I have for Steve Jobs! He picked up apple in 1997 when it was on the verge of shutting down and brought its net worth close to 11 billion US!!!! This move of opening retail stores throughout the country will positvely raise the market share value. Way to go Steve! And in the article, "loyal mac users" is so correctly stated. MAc users are truly loyal and love the computer. I think in the coming years, there will be ups, there will be downs and the Mac User shall ride the tides of this gigantic wave of success. APPLE RULES.

(although i must say i-tunes is not so great as it is advertised to be)- (i know this comment was very random but is the story of Apple's success) :)


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Apr 9, 2001
I'm psyched about the Apple stores as well... the advertising effect alone is worth it.

I think it will also make the Mac OS X preinstalled launch more successful. If, and when, Apple launches a Mac OS X ad campaign... people will have a good place to go to see demos including see software out for it.

My only disappointment is that this likely means the old-rumor of Apple-branded Cafe's will probably not come to pass.


ps. I like iTunes... it does what it does very well.


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Apr 13, 2001
Stores / iTunes

I am very excited by the fact that in certain areas of the country, those wishing to purchase a Mac can run to the store and be able to ask sales persons intelligent questions and get intelligent answers. Walk into a CompUSA and you'd be lucky to find anyone to talk to at all.

This will be especially important as the digital-hub thing takes hold. It's already out there, Apple is merely going to reinforce the idea. Which mp3 would be cool for me? Instead of going by ratings, I can try them out myself! Etc. Very cool move.

I just hope they start to sell Apple TShirts, etc. cause I would buy a ton of 'em!!!

iTunes: hmm. It searches pretty well. It's easy for me to make my own little categories of mp3s. But it crashes quite a bit, it's pretty huge when expanded, has no skins, has no visual modules out yet, has no development tools for it for customization, etc. SoundJam MP is still a much better player. Even Audion aint too shabby. Until iTunes gets better, I'll stick with SoundJam MP, even in classic.