Apple's Partner Paradox

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jul 3, 2007.

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    Apple has a history of treating partners badly, in contrast with Microsoft who coexists for the good of all? :confused: See also: PlaysForSure :eek:

    "a familiar equilibrium is settling in—one in which Apple gets the credit for what works and the partner gets blamed for what doesn't. While Apple has been an object of endless hosannas for the iPhone and its brilliantly managed launch, AT&T has so far borne the brunt of criticism over the sluggish performance of its data network, occasional network glitches, and delayed activation of some service plans."

    Sneaky Apple! Taking all the credit for the product, while making it seem as though AT&T controls the network!

    Oh... wait...
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    Personally I think it's Apples fault that the Network is "sluggish".

    haha, J/K.

    The article does have some good points, although it fails to mention that Apple is using standard business practices. It's why Apple is successful, If your partner fails, you ditch then instead of going down with them.

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