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Apple's TV Remote App Pulled From App Store Since Functionality is Available in Control Center


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Jun 9, 2018
In addition to removing the +/- 10 seconds buttons

The skip 10 seconds is there in control Center.

However, it is not perfect as it just shows something than what's playing on the Apple TV like Apple Music on the iPhone.

In the ‘Now Playing’, there’s a button to control other devices, tap that and pick the Apple TV, as from what you are saying, you might not be aware of that function.

Soylent Yellow

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Jun 4, 2014
So you are frustrated that a 10-year old device is not fully supported? I guess you are super happy with the 720p output (must be a really old tv, as well). Each to their own, I'm loving 4k - its awesome
Yes, I am. I have a lot of tech around the house that is older than that and works fine. That really irks me about all this app-supported hardware: that the lifespan is determined by the software support. Especially when there's no need at all to remove the app.

And yes the TV is 720p. Nothing wrong with that IMHO. Grew up with VHS tapes so streaming 720p still impresses me. :)
And I know 4K is amazing, but I don't watch that much TV, so I would be having a large black rectangle in my living room most of the time.
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