"Applicant Does Not Meet Program Guidelines" - What does this mean exactly?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by djty392, Sep 19, 2016.

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    Aug 29, 2013
    My GF and I were at the Apple Store today. I successfully got my iPhone 7 Plus 128GB Black with the Apple Upgrade Program however when my GF went to purchase her iPhone 7 Gold 128GB with the Apple Upgrade Program, it said that she was, to a certain extant, "ineligible", for the Apple Upgrade Program.

    Currently, she is on a two-year AT&T plan and is a year and a half through that with her iPhone 6. She was going to sign up for the IUP and everything was fine till the very end. It wasn't a credit problem (because the guy said it would specifically have said credit check wasn't good and she had plenty of credit on her credit card), and the "practice" charge they take out went through just fine. But we got an email from Citizen One saying the reason was "APPLICANT DOES NOT MEET PROGRAM GUIDELINES."

    Is this because she is stuck in a two year plan with AT&T? Has anyone else run into this problem? Thanks!

    She still wants the phone but I believe she has to wait a month now. Is that true? Or false?
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    it means it is a credit problem but just not a "credit score" problem. so for instance she can have a 720 credit score but have had prior delinquent payments, high utilization, too many recent credit pulls etc. causing Citizen One to not want to underwrite the loan.

    Citizen One will not see if she has a current phone with AT&T that she is still paying for.

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