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    I am looking for solutions that can help me when I am trying to find a webpage I have already seen and I remember few keywords or phrase or part of the link... Like a personal Google engine.
    I know there is Spotlight which can do this but it always shows plenty of other stuff when I am trying to find just a website. Then I am forced to reveal all found items in finder and it feels really strange and unintuitive...
    I found two apps that do exactly this but both are kind of a semi-finished product :D.
    The first is app called Fetching
    which seems to go the right way by sleeping in your menubar but feels like a windows app ported to mac interface - a bit ugly. It takes data only from webpages visited after installation of the app.
    Another app for this is called HistoryHound
    which seems to be as well quite ugly with too many toggles and it was not updated for an year although it can take data from webpages from your previous browsing history (not only the pages you visit after installation) and it takes in account also all your bookmarks.

    So my question is:
    Are there any other solutions except those mentioned above?
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