Archangel: Fate of the Galactic Commonwealth for iPhone/iPod touch, $0.99 sale!

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by BeyondtheTech, Aug 6, 2009.

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    Just wanted to drop a line to you and let you guys know that J.J. Abrams' vision of Star Trek inspired me so much to make an iPhone game in the vein of Star Trek.

    I've been an avid Star Trek fan as far back as I can remember, so this game became a passion project of mine.

    After watching the premiere on May 7th, I was so stoked that I went to the drawing board and feverishly began my game development. About two months later, I finished my game and submitted it to Apple's App Store. It just got approved this week and is available for download at the intro price of only $0.99 USD.

    The game is called Archangel: Fate of the Galactic Commonwealth. and I'd like to think of it as the closest thing to a Star Trek experience. Unfortunately, the Star Trek Movie game that got released after the movie turned out to be a one-shot, one-kill side-scroller. This gives you much more control of your starship and the freedom to navigate an entire quadrant to battle an alien species bent on destruction.

    Download from iTunes:

    Watch the YouTube video trailer:


    Again, I just want to say thanks to J.J., Bob, Alex, Damon, and everyone on the Star Trek (2009) movie, and everyone here at MacRumors. It's been a fun ride, and I hope we can all look forward to a Star Trek sequel in the near future.

    Raphael Salgado aka BeyondtheTech
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    Jun 19, 2009
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    At its core, it's an action arcade shooter, but it combines the freedom of traveling to different sectors of the quadrant to refuel, repair, rescue, and attack. Also, you have the ability to divert power from shields to weapons to engines, etc. as well as prioritize repairs to certain sectors of your ship.

    I'm glad it pleases a lot of Star Trek fans, considering they are quite critical of anything Trek-related. There's an ongoing discussion on TouchArcade and I'm already putting together an update that will further enhance the game, but as it is now, it's a fun game and a great experience. Watch the trailer to get a better idea:

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