Archie to be Shot and Killed Saving Gay Friend

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    This one is going straight to PRSI instead of Current Events, as this has everything controversial in it.

    Much less of circle-jerk plot twist you had with Peter Parker, and exceeding what happened to Steve Rogers (Capt. America), how the life of Archie is going to end has it all, and touches on nearly every major issue we have going on in the USA.

    So in one issue, they **** off the NRA-types, and those against same-sex marriage. All that's missing is a Koch brothers-type entity, someone against health care, and an isolationist. Who knows? it could have been all three in one who shot him. We'll find out next issue.

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    I didn't even know the comic was still going.
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    Obviously it was Reggie.
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    What's really sad, Archie Comics has treated Kevin with far more taste and respect than the Big Two have treated any of their LGBT characters.


    Phyla-Vell (aka Captain Marvel/Quasar/Martyr) - Killed, reborn as the avatar of Death, killed again by Thanos

    Heather Douglas (aka Moondragon) - Killed, reborn only to have her lover Phyla killed [see above]

    Jeanne-Marie Beaubier (aka Aurora) - Insane

    Jean-Paul Beaubier (aka Northstar) - Killed, resurrected and turned evil, killed again by Wolverine, resurrected, married (only one)

    James Howlett (aka Wolverine) - too much **** to mention, current has a company event that will end with his death.

    Akihiro Howlett (aka Daken) - Dead, reincarnated as Horseman Death

    Raven Darkholme (aka Mystique) - has been tortured, killed, had her relationship with Irene Adler completely wiped away.

    Xi'an Coy Manh (aka Karma) - tortured, raped, and had her leg ripped off

    Nico Minoru (aka Sister Grimm) - tortured, forced to fight to the death ala Hunger Games/Battle Royale, killed, reincarnated as evil

    Agent Victoria Hand - Dubious distinction of being murdered in both the comics and Agents of SHIELD


    Knockout - Murdered

    Scandal Savage - Tortured, had lover killed [see above]

    Renee Montoya (aka The Question) - Tortured, erased from reality/killed

    Kate Kane (aka Batwoman) - Tortured, had twin sister murdered and turned into supernatural villain, had lover erased from reality/killed [see above]

    Andrew Pulaski (aka Apollo) - Tortured, depowered, had marriage (and adoption of daughter) retconned away

    Lucas Trent (aka Midnighter) - Tortured, depowered, had marriage (and adoption of daughter) retconned away

    Todd James Rice (aka Obsidian) - Tortured, turned evil, erased from continuity

    So, Archie taking a bullet for his friend Kevin, pretty damn progressive.

    Yeah, Archie Comics has been pretty successful over the last 75 years. Mostly from not over publishing (which is what almost killed DC and Marvel in the 90's).

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