Archos MP3 recorder over iPod


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Jan 1, 2002
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

i saw this thing in macaddict a while ago and knew i would buy it. I'm mainly buying it for it's recording capailities because i have a band and i want to be able to easily digitize our music.

this thing's got 20 GB and can live encode mp3's from an audio input source. its battery life may not be as good as the iPod's, but it has a power source input and its battery life I think is secondary to only iPod's in the area of HD MP3 players. It is also a little bigger and heavier than the iPod but that's no biggy to me : besides, it comes with its own carrying case. The worst thing about the Archos ( ) recorder is the interface - crappy navigation but better than archos's simple player. this does not really bother me since it will be mine and i will know how to use it after just a few trial and error attempts and then the problem will not be a problem anymore.

if the iPod had an audio input source (even if it recorded just to AIFF like the nomad jukebox) I would buy it in a second. but since it doesn't i will have to go with the archos recorder.

my biggest hope for monday is that apple puts out a new iPod with at least 15 GB and and audio in so that i won't be forced to betray my favorite company.


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Nov 6, 2001
Don't start this post again..!

We had a big battle about 2 weeks ago with this archos 20gb thing vs. the iPod.

About an upgrade to the iPod. Very unlikely... The iPod is a new product. Maybe a price decrease...
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