Are the MacBook Air's color gamut inferior to the MacBook Pro's?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Smiller4128, Apr 12, 2012.

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    I'm currently deciding on wether or not I'm going to buy a 13" MacBook Air or a 15" MacBook Pro, or if I'm just going to wait for the "new" MacBook pro which supposedly is coming out later this month. However my question is not about buying now or buying later. Instead I was wondering if the current gen MacBook airs have an inferior color display to the current MacBook pros? I was looking at the two in Best Buy yesterday and was just about to pull the trigger on the MacBook air when I noticed that the colors seem to appear "washed out" compared to the this true or could someone just have messed with the display models? I don't do any high end work at all but I do photography has a hobby and I know that if I got a new laptop, that it'd have to have the best color display (for a portable anyways) and I know if I bought a computer that had inferior color quality it would just bug the **** out of me. So is there a difference between the two models in terms of color even though the air is supposed to have a sharper screen?
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    You can calibrate the MBA screen to get better color. But yes, the MBP screens do cover a larger color gamut which does make them better for accurate color. The Anandtech review details this along with other features.
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    res wise.... mbp 15" = mba 13"
    screen wise mbp 15 > mba 13"

    why ?

    because its mba and its meant to be light. you can't stick a glass display in mba, it will end up weighing 3.6 lbs which is too heavy for on-the-go purposes. but mbp gamut will always trump mba in the end no matter what. unless you end up using 13" mba + 27" apple thunderbolt display which then would trump a mbp 15" setup by itself , or the 17 " .

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