Are WP sites capable of keyword rich URLs for SEO?

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by patent10021, Dec 4, 2013.

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    For example instead of an about.html page with matching About button text, the URL of the About page would be something like /tony-robbins-awards-about-career.html and the menu button would still be "About". This is called rich content URL for SEO right?

    I tried creating a Weebly site but realised this can't be done on Weebly so I'd like to know if this normally comes with WP? What would I have to change as an admin?
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    Are we talking about the same thing? I visited those links above but nothing looks like what I am talking about.

    I mean keyword rich URLs for example:




    p.s. I was reading up on keyword rich URLs and it seems that they aren't what they used to be. Google doesn't really think highly of them anymore apparently.

    What do you think?
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    Google tends to use context more than actual keywords. If the Googlebot can figure out what the page is about then its ranking algorithm prefers inbound links that enhance that. Having a link that says " 'Click' for more info" is very poor SEO wise.

    There is no general web rule that says a link to a page with the URI of "" must have the link text to be "About" - it seems that this is something that the Weebly CMS does. For SEO purposes the link text should be something like "Pete Wilson history", the actual URI can be anything at all.

    I'd go for:

    1. The URI to be anything that makes sense within your setup.
    2. The title meta data would be: "Pete Wilson racing history :"
    3. The main heading on the page would be: "Pete Wilson" or "Pete Wilson : Racing History"
    4. Any links to the page would have the following text: "Pete Wilson's racing history"
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    There are a few SEO plugins that you can do that with. Take a look at at his plugin. You can specify the meta data to say whatever ever you want while the on page button/link can have the short name. Exactly what you're describing you want to do.
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    The SEO for Wordpress

    and to fulfill your need you use the built-in menu system, link to long-about-title to rename the menu point to just About.

    Wordpress is very capable...
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    He's actually exactly right, changing your PostName setting to the Post Name or a Custom Structure will allow you to have the URL reflect the post's title.

    I think you're right though, it may help SEO a bit but I don't know that it's a huge benefit.

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