Are you happy with your mac?

Discussion in 'Community' started by acidrock, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. acidrock macrumors 6502

    Jan 30, 2004
    The Evergreen State College
    What kind of mac do you have? Are you happy with it? How long have you had it? Are you planning or wishing to upgrade? Would you recommend it?

    I am quite happy with my G4 but I got the origional one. I wish I had gotten a laptop, but I wanted a desktop because I could expand and it had more options. Generally I really like my computer and the new OS 10 rocks! I've had it for about four years now. I think if I were to get another computer it would be a laptop.
  2. craigdawg macrumors 6502

    Mar 8, 2004
    I'm a happy camper because I love the O/S. :)

    But I think my 15" LCD iMac has given me the least bang for my hardware buck than any computer I've owned.
  3. Grimace macrumors 68040


    Feb 17, 2003
    with Hamburglar.
    PB 17; love it; hated macs before OSX; looking forward to getting a Powermac soon...
  4. blue&whiteman macrumors 65816


    Nov 30, 2003
    blue & white G3 (specs in my sig.) had this since new in sept. 99. ran it with stock everything other than a ram upgrade till last november. now its been heavily upgraded and is a whole new machine (its xbench score beats many G4/500 towers upgraded and factory). I will be getting a new G5 when they come out but i'm keeping my b&w as a second system. I have invested a lot of money in all the upgrades for it and there is no way I will get even close to that back if I sell it so I will keep it.

    I love it so much. never had 1 issue that wasn't my fault. very reliable. this tower once had 5 weeks uptime on 8.6! :)
  5. tpjunkie macrumors 65816


    Nov 24, 2002
    I have the 667 DVI TiBook. Love it, and since I upgraded the combo drive to a 2x superdrive, I love it even more.
  6. evil macrumors 6502

    May 2, 2003
    chicago ex-toronto
    my g/f uses a 12 pb 867. she likes it but it needs more ram. sometimes its a bit slow. it has 256.

    i am incredibly happy with my 1ghz emac.
  7. blue&whiteman macrumors 65816


    Nov 30, 2003
    I and many others here will tell you that 512mb is the bare min. you should have. you will see much improved performance if you go to 512 or higher.

    think about it.. she has half the minimum. when I went from 256 to 512 I saw a huge boost in panther.
  8. timmyOtool macrumors member

    imac 600mgh g3 512 mb of ram. Great little computer. Runs Jag well enough. I think I need to upgrade rather badly though, little under powered for what I want to use it for (3D, video editing,ect). Still, I have had no issues with it and girls think it cute. One of those g5's will be mine when the money is there.
  9. blue&whiteman macrumors 65816


    Nov 30, 2003
    just upgrading to panther will give you a good system speed boost. do that as soon as you can.
  10. timmyOtool macrumors member

    You right, that would improve things some, but it would still not be enough to run Maya or FCP very well. I need to upgrade to G5 or maybe G4, then I can retire the "little guy" to a print server. That is why I have not upgraded to Panther already, because the money would be better spent on a computer that can get the job done.
    p.s. I have heard that my graphics card (ati rage pro) would be a little under powered for Panther, is that true? Would it work with screen effects turned off?
  11. invaLPsion macrumors 65816


    Jan 2, 2004
    The Northlands
    I have a 700MHz G3 iMac and am very happy with it. Though I wasn't for the first 6 months after I purchased it because I got it right before the New iMacs came out.

    I have had it for about 2 and a half years.

    I am currently wishing to upgrade to a dual 2 powermac G5 but I am worried about purchasing until updates come out, even though it is VERY hard to wait especially when there are some great deals floating around and becuase I have a 17 inch LCD, JBL invaders, and an M-audio Revolution waiting to be plugged in.
  12. vollspacken macrumors 65816


    Oct 17, 2002
    Boogie-Down Berlintown
    tiBook 1 Ghz w. Superdrive 512MB Ram & Airport, ordered it they day the tiBook was upgraded in Dec. 2002

    ...much happier with it than with my iMac DV 400 or the G3 266 which I used before. I also have a SE/30 that I'm very happy with and I'll pick up a Powermac 5400 on Wednesday that I might use as an os9-machine (or sell it again...).

    You could actually say I kind of "downgraded" since I got my tiBook ;)

    I guess the Powerbook will last me a couple o'years but I might add a Blue and White G3 later this year as a fileserver...

  13. cpjakes macrumors 6502

    Aug 15, 2003
    Buffalo, NY
    Currently I have a 550MHz G4 TiBook and a DP 450MHz G4 PowerMac. I love them both, although the portability of the TiBook has made it my primary machine. At work I have access to faster G4s, so I do a lot of work on those machines.

    I don't stress the TiBook too much, it's mostly for email, net, and office things. My tower runs Pro Tools and Digital Performer pretty well, thanks to the 1.25GB of RAM and my SCSI drives. For straight recording and MIDI it's fine, but it's starting to choke on plug-ins.

    I'm trying to stay on the 4-year upgrade cycle, which puts me at November 2004 for my tower, March 2006 for my TiBook, and oddly enough I can't remember when I bought my PC... But I think it was March 2003... :eek:

    I think the only reason I'm on a 4-year cycle is because I had a Performa 6400 for four years and had to get a G4 to make a video slide show. But if we keep getting new machines at work, I may just live with the DP 450 for a while longer before I turn it into a TiVo or home automation machine. I just can't seem to let go of the old machines... :D

    Edit: I think the only thing keeping the DP 450 alive is OS X and dual processor support. I know others with early single processor G4 that are hurting right now.
  14. gwuMACaddict macrumors 68040


    Apr 21, 2003
    washington dc
    of course i'm happy, what kind of silly question is that? :rolleyes: ;) :D

    iMac 500MHz G3 with 384MB RAM running 10.3.3

    not the speediest puppy in the block, and it definitely hates it when i run iPhoto or Photoshop... but it gets the job done. looking to get a powermac when the upgrades finally (if EVER! grrrrr) come out :)
  15. blue&whiteman macrumors 65816


    Nov 30, 2003
    I have a single G4/500 and all is well. this machine even does a good job at running photoshop 7.01. only place it holds me back is gaming but I do little of that anyway.

    any G4 (single or double) cpu system (even a 350) runs osx pretty well.

    remember that a dual G4 isn't a true dual like a G5 because both cpu's on a dual G4 share the same bus. I have seen a single 733 G4 beat the snot out of a dual 533.
  16. voicegy macrumors 65816


    Jan 1, 2002
    Sandy Eggo - MacRumors Member since 1-1-2002
    At work I have a G4 tower and the original 22" Cinema Display. At home, I use the original Ti PowerBook. Niether one has given me a lick of grief, and I'm thrilled with them both.
  17. Roger1 macrumors 65816


    Jun 3, 2002
    I'm happy with my powerbook. It's a first generation G4, and I am the third user (it's my work machine), and it's falling apart (the latch, the plastic arount the cd drive), but it runs well, so I'm happy. I would like a super drive though. I get tired of finding something I need downloaded and burned, then having to go to somebody else to have them burn it for me.
  18. latergator116 macrumors 68000


    Sep 30, 2003
    Providence, RI
    I have a 700mhz iBook (opaque 16mb vram) that runs beautifully. Before this I had a 500mhz iBook that didn't run quite as nicely (which is why I got rid of it and got this one). I also used to have a mac classic which I sold for $20.
  19. SPeedY_B macrumors newbie

    Feb 14, 2004
    Midlands, UK
    Dual 1.25 PowerMac G4, bought it around October 2003, my first mac. Since then it's been accompanied by Apple Pro speakers, an iSight, 2GB of memory, 20" Cinema display and a 40gb iPod. I don't think I've ever been more satisfied with a computer in my life. My AMD machine now just sits inside my wardrobe :D
  20. blue&whiteman macrumors 65816


    Nov 30, 2003

    nice setup, very nice. I think you should setup the amd box as a firewall. put it to some use. either that or use it as a footstool under your desk. just put a pillow on top! :D
  21. Whotheheck macrumors member

    Mar 31, 2004
    I have a 12" 867mhz Powerbook G4 with a Superdrive and I am pretty happy with it. The only problem I have with it is that it is slower than my desktop... much slower in some situations. But Ilike the Mac OS much better than the Windows OS so I still use my PBook more. I am looking forward to getting an iMac G5 when they come out. That should solve my speed issue. :) Well, at least that's if the iMac isn't much more underpowered than the Powermacs.
  22. raynegus macrumors regular

    Jul 5, 2003
    20" iMac, 1.25 Ghz, 1GB RAM, 160GB HD. Have it hoooked to $3K sound system with Grado RS-1 headphones to boot. iTunes + 256 kbps AACs = HEAVEN. I've had a 40GB iPod for about 9 months now and still drool over the thing as if I got it yesterday (sign of a truly exceptional product).

    I use my Mac with a Canon S400 Camera (great little point & shoot) and Epson R800 and HP 5550 Printers (Epson is for photos, HP is for eveything else). I also have Lacie d2 160GB and 250GB firewire drives for backups. All work flawlessly with the Mac.

    This Mac, as with all the Macs I've had over the last 15 years, has been a reliable workhorse. Between my wife and I, it gets about 12 hours of use a day and it never skips a beat. Just run MacJanitor and repair permissions every once in a while. Mac OSX is rock solid and Apple engineering in my experience has always been first-rate.

    I have to use a windoze box at school and that thing is a headache. I hate that piece of junk. Ugly, clunky and the admin is always freaked out about viruses. They use windoze machines and then wonder why they have so many problems... :p
  23. carbonmotion macrumors 6502a


    Jan 28, 2004
    San Francisco, CA
  24. Flowbee macrumors 68030


    Dec 27, 2002
    Alameda, CA
    I'm still loving my *Y2K* Macs (Pismo Powerbook and Cube). I bought them both last year when I switched, and have never looked back.
  25. solvs macrumors 603


    Jun 25, 2002
    LaLaLand, CA
    I still have a Beige G3. I need to upgrade soon. Does run 10.2 though.

    I have a working 6400 and Classic II lying around, too.

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