Are You Okay With Your Ethnicity's Stereotype?

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by MICHAELSD, Aug 11, 2010.

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    Stereotypes are commonly-used and get complained about, but are they really that bad? In a lot of cases stereotypes can be a way to put the "ethnic groupest" character into something. People like to complain, even though they probably have friends like a character that they are complaining about. Sometimes stereotypical things resemble some of a person's culture and it should be more offensive when somebody complains (especially if you're complaining and are not even a member of that ethnicity). I have seen people who aren't a part of the ethnic group portrayed complain about things when it's really a part of that group's culture and life.

    Am I okay with my ethnic group's stereotype? Proud of it. I'm Italian. A loud, accented phrase-using, food-loving, quality-loving, complimentative, Sunday dinner-eating, Italian (who is not a part of the mob, but is perfectly fine with that portrayal). The Italian stereotype depicts the culture and life of an "Italian Italian" well. Are you okay with your ethnicity's stereotype? Do you think people are overly-dramatic about stereotypes?

    Sure, for every stereotypical person, you could one who mostly isn't. According to this article, (and a little bit of common sense) most stereotypes are true, otherwise they wouldn't be stereotypes anymore:
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    I have no problem with mine, but I am of Irish, Slovokian, German, Polish, etc, descent. I was born in the Midwest and raised there for many years before heading South. My girlfriend gets bent when people attribute to her a stereotype that she is most definitely never been part of simply because of her skin color.
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    How do you get to page 2 to read the rest of it?

    (Yes I'm part Irish.. LOL!)
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    Yeah I don't mind it. When I'm abroad in mainland Europe I'm well aware of the usual British stereotype; drunk, fat, bald (deliberately) and troublesome. I'm only 1/4 of those things but it doesn't really effect me or how others treat me.

    Closer to home I've got an Oldham accent which should mean I'm drunk, fat, bald (deliberately) and troublesome. But Brian Cox has been doing wonders for us so it's all good now.

    Also I'm quarter Polish so I'm a hard worker and half Welsh so um... dammit my backspace key is broke.
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    Why does it matter?
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    This discussion reminds me of the Gabriel Iglesias "racist gift basket" sketch, which ends with "mother******, I love all that ****!"
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    I'd read your post, but my big Jew nose is getting in the way :p
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    375th St. Y

    White honky cracker :D

    Seriously though, I think the main stereotype that would apply to me is the "Midwest Nice" stereotype.

    I was at Reagan INTL Airport and offered to help some older woman with her bags onto the escalator and she looked at me like I had just told her to give me all her money at knife-point :confused:
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    I'm German, so the situation is a tad complicated. I'm fine with people thinking that all Germans are Bavarians and drink beer, wear Lederhosen and eat Bratwurst every day. But then there's also those who think that all Germans are Nazis, and that one's not too cool. The jokes about either stereotype are funny to me, though.

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