Arizona Fires: Residents Blame Smugglers and Federal Stonewalling

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    While Senator John McCain faced criticism for his remarks on the Arizona fires, some residents in Cochise County believe that the Monument, Wallow, and Horseshoe 2 fires were caused by smugglers or migrants crossing the border, according to the Tucson Weekly's story "Arizona Burning."

    From the article:

    The most interesting thing about the article's conclusions is how little the federal government is talking about the cause of the fires, citing investigations.
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    There's also the possibility that they weren't caused by illegals.

    I'm not sure why it's so important to pin the blame before the investigation is over. Isn't it innocent until proven guilty?
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    Let's suppose for a moment that the fires were caused by illegals.

    What's that prove? What's the solution?

    Is that more reason to construct a giant fence on the border?

    People cause wildfires.

    If the fire had been started by American campers, would you ban camping?
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    We should ban fire. :)

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