Army SmarTruck II Ready for Action

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    A modified Chevrolet Silverado platform fitted with modules of counterterrorism equipment just might be the next big thing for homeland security.
    ?SmarTruck II is engineered to meet the nontraditional challenges of today?s military,? said Dennis Wend, executive director of the Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command?s National Automotive Center (NAC). ?It provides built-in flexibility and offensive capability [for a variety of situations].?
    The jet black prototype SmarTruck II unveiled at the North American International Auto Show didn?t much look like a Silverado pickup truck.
    Rather than the usual two axles, the SmarTruck II has three, and all six wheels drive the vehicle all the time.
    This is key to the SmarTruck II?s appeal, Wend said. The modification gives the SmarTruck II a 5-ton payload, so it can carry a bevy of counterterrorism equipment, much of it packaged in armored, self-contained stainless steel modules. The modules can be swapped out for other non-terrorism-related modules when needed.
    For example, the SmarTruck II could carry water purification systems on disaster relief missions and communication systems for surveillance missions.
    The flexibility could allow many government agencies?from FEMA to the FBI to the military?to share the vehicle, Wend said. ?You won?t need to have unique trucks with installed equipment; you can just have the modules [stationed] around the United States [ready for use when needed].?
    The SmarTruck II on the show floor was clearly armed for military duty. The vehicle was fitted with a guided missile launcher that has a two-mile range and a launcher for a remote-controlled Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV).
    Other features: A night vision system, a high-power (50X) zoom video system with thermal imaging and surveillance radar, 360-degree cameras including one under the vehicle to help the driver prevent undercarriage damage when driving off road, and a 12,000-pound, straight-line hydraulic towing winch.
    Tires are run-flats, and the grille is covered by a large metal brush guard that?s bullet-resistant to keep small armaments from puncturing the engine block.
    Wend said the SmarTruck II evolved out of SmarTruck I, which was unveiled at the auto show a year ago. Testing on the SmarTruck II will begin shortly, and NAC officials hope to find interested customers wanting to buy.
    But there?s a hefty price premium for this kind of Silverado. Wend said it would cost $75,000 to $100,000 just for the modified chassis with six-wheel-drive system and some kind of on-board communications system.

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    What, no anti-aircraft weaponry?

    Well thank God it still has cupholders :) the article didn't say, where can I get one?

    what exactly is anti-terrorism equipment, anyway? I mean the key is prevention, and it's not hard to take out a group of terrorists... This thing would be great in an invasion tho...

    i wonder what features it has that they're not telling us about... ;)


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