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Feb 17, 2005
What is it these days with the forums and comments etc. i read on several technology sites? Even on this mac-only board there is this constant bickering about new hard -or software releases eg. the new iMac.

The mac/windows discussions are endless and ever so active, and users on this board never seem to understand that apple can't put next year's tech in machines they offer now.
For instance, in this thread about the new iMac's not being the gaming machines some hoped for. Please ... use your brains people!
These machines will do a fairly good job for a few years to come, even to play games on them. Does any other manufacturer offer a midrange computer to gamers? Please enlighten me if so ... It's still a 2.4Ghz C2D machine, supporting up to 4GB of ram and a 256MB Vcard!

If you want to be able to swap out the GPU every 4 months or so, buy a DIY box and put it together. Apple won't let you, will not let you in the future and hasn't let people do so in the past. Except on Pro machines, to a certain extent. It is one of the main reasons for it being a stable system and why "it just works".

If, for instance, you are a windows user willing to switch to mac. You find these forums and read through them. Why on earth would you want to buy a mac? They have got to be the worst things out there! Everything is wrong with them, they're ugly, full of outdated technology, the OS sucks, etc.

The Apple-community used to be one of the better ones out there! It's still one of the bigger ones, but i've stopped contributing to it for a long time. I used to have a good feeling about it, like belonging to a club with like-minded people. Nowadays i often feel ashamed to have defended and supported a cause in the past, that now is being ridiculed by it's own users. Often without them even knowing so.

I'm NOT SAYING critique is bad or mac-users are idiots. But unbiased and objective critique is hard to find these days. Users aren't idiots (well most of them aren't), but they used to be users that chose to be so, not because it's hip or trendy to be so.
I'm glad i learned my way around these machines and the OS a while ago. I wouldn't know where to begin or who to trust nowadays. Every discussion seems to end in arguments and consists of endless brainfarts.

It's a trend on the internet, i know. But i think we can do better. After all, we all support a company with the slogan "Think Different".

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