Asking for a favor - need image of iPhone 4


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Mar 7, 2003

I need a favor. I can't find a way to create this. I need an image of the iPhone 4's front, including icons on the home screen. I need the image, when printed, to be 1 3/4" x 7". If possible I'd like to have some standard icons (sms, phone, safari) and the Angry Birds icon.

Can anyone create this for me?

This is for a Pinewood Derby car, like this:


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Mar 23, 2009
This is available directly from Apple. You need to sign an agreement. Best to read this first:

If you just do this on your own, you are likely to incur the wrath of Apple's legal department, if they notice and you are big enough for them to bother with.

I'd imagine you'd hear from the Angry Birds folk as well...

Edit: Now that I see what this is for, I guess Apple might go easy. I think they'd probably not like to see this headline:

"Apple Sues Dad over 11-Year-Old's Soapbox Racer"

Still, better to try to do it legit, and get permission. You might get a lot of publicity, and that might attract unwanted attention.
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