"At Apple, we believe you should be able to use the right device for the right moment

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    "At Apple, we believe you should be able to use the right device for the right moment"

    A quote Craig fetorini said last year when he introduced continuity. I was incredibly impressed with continuity and handoff and sms relay and was the main reason why I bought an iPad Air 2.

    The reason I bought an iPad is so I use it as my home iOS device...my reasoning was that I would use my iPhone outside the home and the iPad in the house...but iPad for the home isnt enough...I needed to have a device at all time for messages and notification

    The Apple Watch is perfect to complete my "tech family". ALTHOUGH, I don't think apple made it really easy to make your iPhone an "on-the-go device" which you can leave alone at home and use your iPad the way I want.

    Sure they have implanted handoff...but it's still an iPhone accessory. For example, if I decide to start listen to music on my iPad, there's no way of controlling the music from the watch (I think..). Or you can only view your health and fitness apps on your iPhone (and not on your iPad). And even though I haven't received it yet, my guess is that I will restricted to some degree using my iPad and having my iPhone in a drawer or something.

    I know it's technicly an iPhone accessory...but at the same time it's not, it is a separate device with its own OS...and I know it's just a first gen product blah blah...

    But still, I hope that in future generation, we see the watch becoming the primary personal device which equally lets you use it with iPad, iPhone and why not even Mac..

    Thanks for reading
    Order a 42mm SG (June shipping) if anyone curious
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    Well Apple did say that it's an extension of the issue iPhone.
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    The watch will for sure extend to the Mac. It will be your Apple life everywhere and will interact with all your Apple devices.

    It can already play music on the Mac in iTunes with the Remote App. And AppleTV. So further uses are coming surely.
  4. lchlch macrumors 6502a

    Mar 12, 2015
    That may or may not be true I'll not make any predictions.

    But currently handoff does work with a Mac. There was a thread about it not too long ago.

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