AT&T Activation Hassle - and Maps.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iRabbit, Sep 21, 2012.

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    Let me start off by saying, if you're doing a cross-upgrade (using another phone on your plan to get the upgrade) - DO NOT TURN ON YOUR PHONE until you have called AT&T and given them the nano-sim number. Do not plug it in or turn it on AT ALL until they have successfully activated the phone number to that nano-sim.

    My AT&T rep told me to turn it on too soon, and I ended up having to go to an AT&T store to get a new nano-sim. Two AT&T stores didn't have them. Best Buy wouldn't sell me one (said they needed them for their own customers). Finally, at the third AT&T store I was able to buy one and activate.

    Luckily, after going to several stores who didn't have them or wouldn't sell to me, I called AT&T really annoyed and the woman who answered was very nice and made calls herself to find me one - she was the one that found the 3rd AT&T store with stock.

    - - - - -

    Maps. Disappointed in Apple for allow this big mistake to go live before it was ready. And I'm in New York, so you'd EXPECT some extra effort on their part in at least the bigger cities.

    First thing I looked up was wrong. VERY wrong. Attempted to find "Shore Road" in East Setauket yielded no correct results. Even if I zoomed in on East Setauket first and looked it up - nothing. I got Shore Roads in all kinds of other places, but not the one I was looking for. I submitted the problem to Apple. Thank Google for their Maps mobile web applet - I'll be keeping that handy for a while.

    I do like the weight and feel of the phone. I got black and it looks nice. No idea how durable it will be over time, but seems okay so far. Screen looks awesome, I like the taller form factor. Audio through Facetime seems good. Like the handy little case included with new ear buds. Will definitely need a few more USB-Thunderbolt cables. Haven't tried too many other new features just yet...
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  3. iRabbit thread starter macrumors 6502

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    More than that - it's an embarrassment. Apple should be ashamed of it honestly. They should NOT have cut ties with Google until this was a whole lot better.
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    Agreed. I don't know what went on with the Google licensing -- if Apple didn't want to re-up or Google didn't want extent, but once it was settled Apple had no choice but to release what they had. The rumor is the Maps team is on lock down. The question is why just now.
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    I agree with the sentiment...maps sucks. Google maps is way better.
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    It took forever to read the numbers on the nano-sim. Since I didn't have a magnifying glass, I had to take a photo of the sim with my old phone and zoom in so that I could read it and enter the numbers for activation.
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    ordered under another line on my att from apple.i got a pair of scissors and I cut my iphone 4's micro sim to the size of the nano sim. put it in my phone and turned it on....I didn't have to activate it or call or anything...
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    The SIM number is Settings > General > About, scroll down to ICCID.
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    That was going to be my next step if AT&T failed...

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