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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by STiNG Operation, Sep 10, 2012.

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    Let me just apologize if this has already been posted.

    Anyway, could someone please tell me if my two year contract is up this year on Oct. 11th if ATT would ever let you sign a new 2 year contract about a month early? Thanks.:confused:

    Also it's not a problem to wait the extra time for the next iPhone but I've had this iPhone 4 since it's launch and want a new one asap haha.
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    Unlikely. AT&T has not been known to budge on iPhone purchases. They have no problem making you wait a month, especially considering they'll have no problem selling 'em like hotcakes to people lined up out the door. Some of who will probably even be paying full price and requiring no subsidy from AT&T.
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    Yes you can do this before your current contract expires.

    The key item is to confirm that you can get the best pricing on the new iPhone 5. So you will want to call *NEW# from your current iPhone and you will receive a free Admin SMS Txt from AT&T indicating the date that you are eligible for a full subsidy. In most cases since you are in month 23 of your contract you should already be eligible but there are some exceptions so it is worth double checking.

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    Before asking, you should log into your account and see what date ATT says you are eligible. You may already be there as they often do it before the 2 year date.

    But, based on a few thousand posts, they will not allow you to do it before whatever date is in there.

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