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Apr 1, 2012
*** Must Read ***

I urge everybody to file a complaint with the FCC. They will examine if there is a policy violation on unlimited plans regarding bandwidth throttling. Every complaint has to be answered by AT&T in writing within 45 days. Phone 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322) or go online at

*** Example Text ***

I wish to file an informal complaint with the FCC against AT&T Wireless. I want to examine the possibility of “Policy Violations” and/or “Violations of Policy that are In Development” on the part of AT&T.

AT&T has determined that I am in the top 5% of monthly data consumption users, but has not clearly defined in specific terms (either in Kilobytes of Megabytes) how much monthly data usage they arbitrarily consider too much. And if this were a genuinely defined “Unlimited Data Plan”, it should not matter.

I am under a 2-year contract with AT&T’s grandfathered “Unlimited Data Plan”. I pay on time each and every month for this signed, committed, and contracted wireless service. I have also recently paid to upgrade my handset for the express purpose optimizing my data speeds and enhancing my data performance.

AT&T banners itself as a “Network of Possibilities” offering 2 layers of network technology that deliver 4G or “Fourth-Generation Wireless” speeds that encompass HPSA+ (High Speed Packet Access Plus) and LTE (Long Term Evolution) wireless technologies. Yet, AT&T is limiting my data by invoking “Bandwidth Throttling” and/or “Bandwidth Capping” at rates that are considerably less than even accepted 3G speeds.

“Unlimited” is defined by Merriam-Webster as:

1. lacking any controls : unrestricted
2. boundless, infinite

By Pure Definition, AT&T should not sell an Unlimited Service by imposing limits.

I believe that AT&T has knowingly misled their customer base by offering an “Unlimited Data Plan” to capture early market-share. I believe to compensate, AT&T is now imposing intentional and substantial data limits.

I believe that AT&T has oversubscribed their network capabilities while failing to upgrade their network capacities to support current market demand. I believe that we the customers are left holding-the-bag because AT&T has failed in the proper “Capacity Planning” and “Capacity Execution” of their network.

*** Additionally ***

(1) Be Sure To File An "Informal Complaint" vs. a "Formal Complaint". An Informal Complaints Insures That There Is No Cost To You. A Formal Complaint Is Used To Lay The Groundwork For A Law Suit ... Big $$$.

(2) Be Sure To Use The Term "Violations of Policies That Are In Development". This Covers Grey Areas Which Are Yet To Be Defined Under Current Laws.

There is another legal approach that involves the area of Deceptive or Unlawful Advertising and Promotion Complaints against AT&T with respect to Grandfathered Unlimited Plans.

In addition to the wording of the complaint listed above, there is a basis for 3 more complaints that can be found in the following 3 areas at:

(A) found in the category of Wireless Telephone > Unlawful advertising

(B) found in the category of Billing issues (e.g. roaming charges, rounding, service plan rates, early termination charges, refunds, adjustments)

(C) found in the category of Deceptive or unlawful advertising or marketing by a communications company.

I would suggest filing 1 separate complaint on each (three total)


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Jan 11, 2012
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If we step back & look at the big picture, it's not too hard to understand that AT&T, like other enterprises it size, has a legal team that's got it all under control.

While it's highly fashionable to bash them, they're no dummies. With decades of experience, the chances of a single user or group prevailing in court are slim.

I'm no advocate for any company, they all have their issues, but those that compete in the carrier business are already well braced for dissatisfied customers.

The only difference is the name on the building :)
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